Music And Lyrics – Film Review

Duration: 1 hr 36 mins

Rating: PG

Release Date: February 9 2007 

Genre: Comedy, music, romance,

Director: Marc Lawrence

Cast: Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, Brad Garrett, Haley Bennett, Matthew Morrison…

Description: Alex Fletcher is an ex-member of an 80’s pop band that broke up. He hasn’t had much of a career since then but now he has the opportunity to write a hit single for a new teenage sensation, Cora Corman. This is a great opportunity but unfortunately he can’t write lyrics… but then an unexpected person turns out to be just the right one.

My Thoughts: So, recently I’ve been watching a lot of films. One of the main reasons is because it’s almost Christmas therefore everything I would usually do has stopped due to it being the holidays and I’ve got nothing Christmassy to be doing outside so I try to avoid all the Christmas craziness!

Okay, anyway…

I really hated the pointless music video at the start of the film, it wasn’t necessary and most annoyingly the song got stuck in your head forever!

I really hated the character of Cora (Haley Bennett) but we were supposed to and I think Haley played her very well, and she could be quite amusing at times. I thought they portrayed that style of female singer very well. Although I wish she had actually spoken more, it felt like she just awkwardly stood there and said nothing all the time.

I loved how protective Alex (Hugh Grant) was of his piano, not only did I approve, it was funny watching him dash to the piano every time something was put down on it.

How convenient and cheesy it was that Sophie (Drew Barrymore) was magically able to write amazing hit songs when all she was supposed to be doing was watering some plants. Although I did find it creepy how Alex then started stalking her to get her to write this song.

Sophie had a really nice butterfly necklace at one point.

It was really funny, I quite often found myself laughing. Of course it was also cheesy but it was just the right level of funny and cheesy to make it good, it wasn’t over-the-top but it did actually have some comedy in it. I feel like this film actually has the right to call itself a romantic comedy unlike so many other ‘romantic comedies’ that aren’t funny even once.

I really liked the chemistry between Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore, I think they worked really well together and I feel like if they had picked someone else or two other people instead of them it wouldn’t have been as good. They both excelled in their roles.

Although there weren’t many characters that I felt had a big part in the film and usually I like to have a lot of characters to keep it interesting, this film didn’t need a lot of characters to keep it interesting, it was interesting enough with the small amount of characters that it had and the other thing is I actually cared about the characters and what happened to them.

I really unexpectedly enjoyed this film, at the start it seemed like it was going to be cheesy and annoying but after I actually gave it a chance it was a really enjoyable feel-good film and I loved it!

5/5 stars.

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Warnings: alcohol consumption, a mention of drugs, sex is implied. For full details click the link:

Trailer: To se a trailer of the film and read more information on the film and cast click the link:

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