Albatross – Film Review

Duration: 1hr 30min

Rating: 15

Release Date(UK): 14 October 2011 

Genre: Drama

Director: Niall MacCormick

Cast: Jessica Brown Findlay, Felicity Jones, Sebastian Koch, Julia Ormond, Katie Overd, Peter Vaughan…

Description: Emelia is a troubled young woman who tries to remain positive, Beth is a study nerd working hard to get into Oxford. When Emelia starts working for Beth’s parents in their hotel, they quickly become friends but they live in separate worlds. Will Emelia’s influence affect Beth’s future? And will the secrets she keeps destroy their relationship?

My Thoughts: I’ve watched this film twice now. The first time I didn’t expect all that much from it, but it seemed non-complicated, easy to watch and a feel good film with no unexpected surprises but as the film went on I realised that actually it was a really great film with really relatable characters and talented actors. The second time I watched it, it was because I had enjoyed it so much the first time that I really wanted to watch it again. Unfortunately it has now gone off Netflix so I haven’t been able to watch it a third time.

There were some really unnecessary and weird moments that slightly affected the quality of the film but I could get passed them because the great moments truly were great. It was also really funny but could be really sad and serious at other times and it was a perfect balance of the two.

I really loved Emelia and Beth. Their characters are really relatable and I think they’re played really well and their relationship is really great and it’s just a great inspiring film about growing up and choosing your own path no matter what people think.

If you take apart the film bit by bit, scene by scene you realise that actually there isn’t a whole lot of a storyline but that doesn’t even matter because it’s just a feel good film about two people from completely different worlds that become friends and both step out of their comfort zones in ways they never could have expected. And strangely films and books about nothing more complicated than normal life are my favourites, because they don’t lie, they portray the real life and I think that’s the most valuable form of art.

This has now become one of my favourite films and I really suggest you go and watch it!

5/5 stars.

If you’ve seen this film please feel free to leave your thoughts about it (negative or positive) below! I would be really interest to know what you think!

Warnings: Swearing, drug taking, alcohol consumption, smoking, sex scenes, sex references and one scene of masturbation.

Trailer: To see a trailer and read more information on the film and cast please click the link –


The Gift – Film Review

Duration: 1hr 48mins

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Horror

Rating: 15

Release Date(UK): 7 August 2015

Director: Joel Edgerton

Cast: Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall, Joel Edgerton, Allison Tolman, Tim Griffin, Busy Phillips…

Description: 20 years is a long time, especially from childhood to adulthood but some people still hold you responsible, some people cannot let things go. When a childhood classmate from Simon’s past unexpectedly shows up the people closest to Simon are put in danger.

 My Thoughts: Like lots of the films I watch and review, I saw a trailer for this film when it was coming out in cinemas and thought it looked really good. When I noticed it was on Netflix I got really excited and watched it almost immediately!

It wasn’t entirely possible from the trailer to figure out what the film was about, but I felt like a third of the way through, half way though and two thirds through it was still impossible to know what it was about or be interested, because not going to lie, nothing happened in the film until the last fifteen minutes but what did happen was so completely confusing I had no idea what the purpose was at the end. But it seemed to be completely pointless by the end of the film, it seemed like literally nothing had happened and it was very frustrating as I thought it was going to be good.

I felt like it was really sexist, because at the start of the film Simon was really paranoid about his old classmate who had turned up in Simon and his wife’s life and his wife, Robyn, was telling him he was being paranoid and not to worry, and what happened at school is in the past and then Robyn starts getting paranoid and it’s almost like their roles are reversed and now Simon’s telling Robyn to stop being paranoid, but when Simon was paranoid it was supposed to be because he was worried about his family being hurt (so he was trying to ‘protect’ his ‘weak’ wife) but when Robyn gets paranoid it’s portrayed as if she’s being stupid and weak and over-reacting and I really, really disliked it.

I don’t feel like this film actually fits into any of the genres it’s put into, it isn’t a thriller there’s nothing thrilling about it. It isn’t a mystery – other than what it’s actually about. It isn’t scary so it couldn’t fit under horror… Is there a genre called ‘doesn’t make sense’ or ‘has no purpose’? Because the entire story was purposeless, impossible to get a storyline out of the film and all events that happened in the film turned out to be pointless.

I really wouldn’t suggest watching this film because it’s really disappointing and doesn’t make any sense, all the scenes are really boring and nothing meaningful happens.

1/5 stars.

If you have watched this film please leave your comments below on what you thought, and if it made sense to you! I would love to read what you thought!

Warnings: Please read the IMDb parental guide –

Trailer: To see a trailer and read full details on the film and cast please click the link –

Nowhere Boy – Film Review

Duration: 1 hr 38 mins

Rating: 15

Release Date(UK): 25 December 2009

Genre: Music, biography, drama,

Director: Sam Taylor-Wood

Cast: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kristin Scott Thomas, Anne- Marie Duff,  Josh Bolt, Thomas Brodie Sangster, Sam Bell…

Description: A biographical film about John Lennon when he was 17-years-old and living in Liverpool. He had a complicated relationship with his Aunt Mimi and an even more complicated relationship with his mother, Julia. But he soon discovers he has a love and talent for music and decides to start a band – but first he’s got to find some members, that’s when he meets Paul – they don’t start off great but eventually become close friends and the band is formed.

My Thoughts: I don’t really like The Beatles (Don’t hate me!) but I watched this film anyway, just ’cause, why not? Also, I thought it would be an interesting thing to review as I know how successful they are/were and I find it interesting to learn about the past of people whether they’re actors, singers, writers etc. and whether I like them or not. I just have a general interest in people and how they live their lives (Although I don’t have any interest in actual history; wars, kings, queens etc.) and I found this film really insightful and no one can say John Lennon didn’t live a dramatic life and although it made me really sad to think that he had a life that depressing at such a young age it did make for a dramatic and gripping film. It also made me very grateful for the family I’ve got.

The cast for this film was really good, they were all really talented and gave really convincing performances. Even people with very minor parts you could see that they gave it everything they’ve got and it’s probably because they knew they were making a film about one of the most successful men ever, so you probably really felt the pressure. Anne-Marie Duff (Julia, John’s mum.) and Kristin Scott Thomas (Mimi, John’s Aunt) were both really good in their roles and they worked really well together when they were in scenes together and even better when they were apart because you could really see how different both their personalities were and how complicated and stressful it must have been for John having the two of them clash like that. Aaron Taylor-Johnson (John Lennon) did his part really well and he could give convincing performances in all kinds of emotional states. Thomas Brodie-Sangster, although he played Paul McCartney, had a slightly minor role (he only appeared about halfway through), but his part got slightly larger as the film got closer to the end. But as always Thomas was absolutely incredible in his role, he gave a really convincing performance – full of emotion when needed – and it was really entertaining to watch him on screen. And the chemistry between him and Aaron was really good and whether they actually got on in real life or not it didn’t matter because on screen they worked really well with each other and it was really great to see them perform together.

I found myself confused through some of the film and I understand that in some ways that was because John himself was confused, he wasn’t clear on how he’d ended up in the situation he was in and he felt betrayed by his mother and angry at his aunt and at the entire world around him and I feel like we were just kind of thrown into the 17-year-old life of John Lennon without explaining anything (luckily I’d wikipediaed John briefly before watching the film) and I feel like yes, some people watching the film are most likely massive Beatles fans but some people – like me – have no prior knowledge of the Beatles at all other than knowing their one of the most famous bands ever and probably knowing a few of their songs. So I feel like a bit of explanation might have been good at the start but it’s okay because close to the end of the film there was a really dramatic and depressing scene in which quite a lot of it was explained and then it all made sense.

I would suggest watching this film if you A) have an interest in The Beatles, B) you have an interest in any people in general (like me), C) You like any of the actors/actresses, D) you just want to watch the film.

4.5/5 stars.

Warnings: Alcohol, smoking, swearing, some sexual scenes, mention of masturbation, a few scenes of violence, some scenes may be disturbing or upsetting. For full details click the link to the IMDb Parental Guide:

Trailer: To see a trailer and read more information on the film and cast click the link:

Other Information: The Beatles were formed in Liverpool in 1960 and broke up in 1970. The members were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. John Lennon got shot and murdered in December  1980 and George Harrison died of lung cancer in November 2001. Paul McCartney is now 73 and Ringo Starr is 75. The Beatles released 12 albums, 13 EP’s and 22 singles in their time as a band. They’ve won 3 Brit awards and 10 Grammy awards.

Actors from the film have gone on to appear in things such as Game Of Thrones, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, The Maze Runner, Before I Go To Sleep, Kick-ass, Suffragette (2015), Wolfhall (Adaptation of the book by Hilary Mantel) and Godzilla (2014).

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials – Film Review

Duration: 2hr 12min

Rating: 12

Release Date(UK): 10 September 2015

Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Thriller, Young Adult,

Director: Wes Ball

Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Thomas Brodie Sangster, Kaya Scodelario, Rosa Salazar, Giancarlo Esposito, Dexter Darden, Alexander Flores…

Description: Thomas and the Gladers have escaped from the maze, they think that everything will get better now, that they will be safe – they’re wrong. Thomas and the others find themselves in more danger than they have ever been in before and it’s not too long before they find themselves missing the safety of the maze.

My Thoughts: I remember when Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials first came out in cinemas back in September and seeing posters for it on all the buses and being really excited and thinking I must read and watch the first one so I could go and see the second one in cinemas… obviously that never happened and I only saw the first Maze Runner film pretty recently but then I was excited for the DVD release and there’s a whole long story that goes with obtaining it, but I’ll save you the time and just get to the review (I promise it didn’t involve anything illegal!)

I’ve now seen it three times, once with a group of friends, secondly with my sister and thirdly on my own just ’cause, I’m kind of obsessed. Also, I always like watching films based on books twice because the first time I spend all my time comparing it to the book and the second time I can think of it more as a film and think of it like that rather than comparing it to the words of the book.

The first time I saw this film – to be honest – I didn’t think it was all that great, I thought it didn’t follow the storyline of the book at all and if I didn’t know what film I was watching and if it didn’t have the exact same cast I wouldn’t have been able to connect it to The Maze Runner at all. I also felt like it was a bit too crowded with pointless action scenes obviously only there for entertainment purposes and not really relevant to the plot, and it was complicated keeping up with what was going on. There were also a few scenes in which everything was happening so fast I didn’t really know what was happening to which characters or whether they were dead or alive. Although, to be honest there was so much talk going on when my friends were over it could have played a part in the complicatedness of the film.

Another thing that disappointed me was when I read the book I was so excited to see some of the stuff on the big screen, I remember reading the book and thinking “This is going to look incredible in the film”… and then it just never happened. But they’ve kind of merged the last two films together so hopefully those scenes will happen in the last film.

However, the second time I had almost a completely different perspective on it. I still thought that they didn’t really follow the storyline of the book in any way, shape or form except like two scenes but they still weren’t completely to the book and I know that they have to make a few changes due to films being complicated to make and it never being too complicated to write words down on a page but I still feel like they could have done more stuff from the book than they did, I didn’t think it seemed too complicated.

Another thing I didn’t like was how they included some of the stuff from the third book in the second film because now I’m worried they’re going to run out of content for the third film. Another thing is, I’m slightly concerned how they’re going to make some of the really major things that happen in the book (and they will presumably include in the film) happen in the film due to the changes they’ve already made, as it won’t make sense if the things that happen, happen the same way they did in the book.

Although I have grown to love the characters over the course of the books and the first movie (and the actors too!), I didn’t feel like this film really developed they’re characters in any way. I feel like relationship wise they’re characters didn’t grow closer together and we didn’t learn anything more about them (I know they’re supposed to have lost their memories but I still feel like a development in the personalities would have been nice.). I watched the deleted scenes after watching the film and one of the scenes which was deleted was a scene between Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and Newt (Thomas Brodie Sangster) sitting around a fire and I feel like the conversation they have is really meaningful and the fact that they have that conversation at all really showed you how close they are as friends and some of the stuff Newt says really makes you understand how he works psychologically I think and I was really sad when I watched the deleted scenes because I feel like adding that scene into the film would have made a huge difference in the overall quality of the film, but oh well… it’s too late now.

There was this really stupid scene which really annoyed me in which we saw Thomas washing his face at a sink in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep and then it cut to a completely different scene and we didn’t even see him walk away from the sink and it especially annoyed me once I’d seen the deleted scenes because in the time it took to show us that pointless scene we could have seen the scene around the fire between Thomas and Newt.

I feel like there wasn’t enough emotion in some of the scenes and I don’t think it was the actors’ fault because all of the actors are really, really talented! It has such an amazing cast! But I think the scenes just weren’t set up in a way that made it emotional enough and I think a film like this needs a bit of emotion, because you need to be able to connect to a film like this because it’s so surreal and unlike anything people can properly imagine there needs to be emotion so the audience can connect properly.

Before ending this review I would just like to say that the cast and crew of both The Maze Runner and The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials are absolutely amazing and they’re work is just incredible! If someone came and told me that I had the ability to re-choose the cast of The Maze Runner and I could literally choose any actors anywhere, nothing was an issue I would honestly truly pick the same cast, because they all work so well together and they make the film what it is and without that cast and Wes as Director I don’t know what would happen, but I have honest belief that it wouldn’t be the same if any single one of the cast member had been someone else.

I think overall it was a really decent film and I will watch it time and time again presumably because I love the trilogy and I love the actors and the chemistry between them all in the films but I don’t feel it was an accurate representation of the book and so unfortunately I’m going to have to give it 4.5/5 stars. Although I really want to give it five.

Warnings: Alcohol, kissing, swearing and violence all feature. Some scenes may scare or upset. For full details please click the link to the IMDb Parental Guide: Scorch Trials Parental Guide

Trailer: To see a trailer and read more information on the cast and film click the link: The Scorch Trials Trailer And Info (IMDb)

Other Information: The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is the sequel to The Maze Runner it is a 20th Century Fox Production and is based of the trilogy by James Dashner.

The Big Short – Film Review

Duration: 2 hrs 10 mins

Rating: 15

Release Date(UK): 22 January 2016

Genre: Biography, drama,

Director: Adam McKay

Cast: Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Finn Wittrock, John Magaro, Christian Bale, Brad Pitt…

Description: A biographical film about the financial crisis of 2007-2008 which resulted in people getting evicted from their homes, foreclosures and prolonged unemployment. This films follows the events leading up to the collapse and the four people in high-finance that predicted the event years before it actually happened.

My Thoughts: I went to see this film for two reasons (Haha! I originally wrote for two years… I did not see this film for two years! Although it felt like it at times…). Reason #1: I like watching films about real-life things that have really highly changed society and the world for whatever reason and films about things that will highly change the society or the world (such as climate change or the further development of technology etc.) anyway, so I went to see this film because I thought it would be really insightful and I hadn’t previously been aware of the banking crisis of 2007-08. Reason #2: I went to see it is because it had Christian Bale in it, and he’s a really big inspiration to me. The other members of the cast were really good as well.

After going to see this film for the insight into the collapse I didn’t understand it at all! I was so confused the whole way through the film and although I know they were all bankers they could have simplified it slightly and made it easier to understand for those of us unfortunate enough not to understand the complicated world of finance.

They did have a few moments when they ‘paused’ the film of sorts and gave you a little explanation of what was going on but I found it even more annoying than if they hadn’t said anything at all! I would rather not understand it the whole way through than have this annoying explanation given to you by people that aren’t even in the film to begin with, for example there was one time when it was Selena Gomez who was playing poker (or something along those lines) and she randomly started explaining it to us and it was really weird and a bizarre way of filming a film(although Selena Gomez did make the most sense out of the film out of all of them) and the other example (which was shocking!) was a scene in which this random blonde woman was in a bubble bath sipping champagne (we’d never seen her before and never saw her again) and she was explaining the story to us and it was okay that she was explaining the story to you, if that’s how they wanted to film it but why the bubble bath?! They wouldn’t have done that with a guy would they? If they had a guy say the exact same lines that the woman said they would not have put him in a bubble bath and have him sip champagne so why do it with the woman?! It’s so freakin’ sexist and it made me really annoyed throughout the whole film like how are people so blind to the fact that it’s sexist to have a female in a bubble bath sipping champagne explaining the complicated world of banking, I am not going to understand the information more if she is in a bubble bath so why do it? And if they’re not blind to the fact that it’s sexist why do they think it’s exceptable? Urgh!

Anyway… moving on.

There were a few other weird filming choices, for instance they had a thing for zooming into someone’s face and making you stare at a cinema screen full of someone’s mouth or their eyes and it was really weird and didn’t really add anything to the film. Also, there was a part of the story that they added in that I didn’t think was necessary and they didn’t properly continue it on throughout the rest of the film, let me explain – there was a small part of the film in which Christian Bale’s character Micheal Burry explained how he had always felt socially awkward and a bit of an outsider and this is because he lost one of his eyes in a childhood illness and he now has a glass one and then it showed you an example of an awkward situation in which he was at school playing a football game and someone pushes him over and his glass eye falls out and everyone stares at him and laughs but then whenever you saw Christian Bale I paid particular attention to his eyes and neither of them looked glass (obviously because neither of them are) but I feel like they had spent the time putting that into the story so they should have done something that made it look like Christian could have a glass eye and if that wasn’t possible why put that element of his character into the story at all?

There were a lot of moments when the screen/scene was really blurry and I thought it was a real shame, there were a lot of moments in which it happened and I don’t know whether it was a stylistic choice or whether it accidentally ended up like that and they didn’t think it was worth going back and re-filming it, or it could even have been the cinema screen I don’t know but it was annoying.

Don’t be fooled by the top billing actors for the film because Christian Bale and Brad Pitt are billed in the top four and they both feature in the film for like twenty minutes and the reason why this bothered me is because there were some people that had much bigger roles and weren’t billed in the top and it’s insulting to them because they have a much bigger part than Christian or Brad but I think because Christian and Brad have already lead really successful careers they’re being billed at the top to convince people to come and see it but I feel like it’s unfair to the more main cast.

Although I didn’t understand the film I think everyone was really good acting wise, they all seemed really dedicated to the film and I felt like it meant a lot to them being in the film and that really came through in the scenes (although they are actors so… yeah, they’re supposed to be good performers), but I think you can really tell even if someone’s a good actor if they’re really dedicated to something. And I could really tell with some of the cast members that they were.

I think if you actually understood it (which I didn’t and I was also the only young person in the cinema, everyone else was like 60-70… :/) and it was the kind of style that you like then this would be a really enjoyable film full of great actors! But I didn’t understand it and I didn’t like the style of it but it’s still in cinemas so if it takes your fancy go and see it!

I’m not going to give this film a star rating due to the fact that I didn’t properly understand the plot and therefore feel like I can’t give it an accurate review.

If you’ve seen this film and would like to share your own thoughts please feel free to leave them in the comments section below this post!

If you’ve reviewed this film yourself on your own blog then please feel free to leave a link and I’ll make sure to check it out!

Warnings: Alcohol consumption, swearing, some nudity. For full details please click the link to the IMDb Parental Guide:

Trailer: To see a trailer and read more information on the film and cast please click the link:

Other Information: The Big Short is a film about the financial crisis of 2007-08, in which loads of people were left homeless and unemployed. This financial crisis which threatened the collapse of large financial institutions came about by banks not properly doing their jobs when it came to lending people mortgage money and therefore they ended up lending people money for houses they couldn’t afford and then having to take the houses away from the people after they had failed to pay back the mortgage in time, this not only resulted in people being homeless and unemployed but also resulted in banks losing loads of money. For more details on the financial crisis of 2007-08 please click the link to the Wikipedia page about it:

The Maze Runner – Film Review

Duration: 1 hr 53 mins

Rating: 12

Genre: Action, mystery, sci-fi, young adult,

Director: Wes Ball

Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Kaya Scodelario, Ami Ameen, Blake Cooper, Will Poulter…

Description: When a teenager wakes up in complete darkness he has no idea where he is, no idea of anything actually. He doesn’t know who he is, he doesn’t know how old he is, he doesn’t know who his parents are, he doesn’t even remember his name. Suddenly he is a member of a very tiny community consisting only of boys, and the worst part is there is no escape. They live in a tiny piece of land and the only thing surrounding them for miles is a huge maze – the only way to escape is through the maze and people have been trying for years. Not only that but there are strange creatures that live within the maze and anyone that’s still in there when night comes… never make it back out.

My Thoughts: I absolutely loved the book of The Maze Runner, (You can read my review of the book here) it was really good and so tense and I felt like it was kind of original and it was a really strong idea for a YA book and of course, it’s become really successful and I really think it deserves that success.

There are quite a few negative things to say about this film… they changed some really key elements of the book in the film, they completely changed the order of things and some of the things that happened, happened in a completely different way (I can’t properly explain what I mean without giving the book away but if you’ve read the book and see the film you’ll understand, if you haven’t but do then you’ll also understand. But for those of you that haven’t read the book and haven’t seen the film or have seen the film but haven’t read the book you’ll just have to be confused… sorry.) and I feel like they actually made it harder for themselves making the changes to the story that they did. And it made the story not quite as good as the book and not as engaging or edge-of-the-seat like. But still, that being said I was on the edge of my seat the whole time… haha!

It was slightly sexist (and I don’t mean because there was only one girl) because when Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) comes into it she’s hiding on top of this wooden structure throwing rocks at all the boys below asking to be left alone. Like, I hate to break it to you… but girls don’t behave like this, we do not hide and throw things at people when we want some quiet time, we either find a quiet private place or we ask politely to please be left alone, if the politeness doesn’t work we may ask in a more serious tone. Anyway… it was sexist for that reason.

I feel like if you looked passed all of the changes in the story and all of the bits left out and watched it either as if a book of it had never existed or you watch it as if you haven’t read the book (which you might not  have done), therefore making it basically as if the book didn’t exist then it was a really good film! Amazing, even.

I really loved the cast and characters; Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) is definitely one of the best characters and I love the mystery behind him, obviously because he doesn’t remember anything he’s full of mystery and also the ambition of the guy, I really like how he reacts to the situation and I feel like if I were in his situation I would behave a lot like he does. Minho (Ki Hong Lee) is another really great character, I feel like he’s kind of the badass of the group but a good badass rather than an annoying evil one. He’s like the strong one who everyone looks up to and he puts on a strong face when actually he’s just as terrified as everyone else. And then Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), he’s the other character that particularly stands out. Being the leader I always feel like he’s kind of sensible and always knows what to do but he’s kind and fun at the same time. He’s the kind of person I would want to hang out with if I were to ever encounter someone like him. I just feel like there’s a really good selection of characters with a really big range of characteristics and I really like that in a film or book, but I do wish they had made Teresa a bit more like she is in the book rather than a pathetic, hormonal/emotional teenage girl who can’t behave sensibly.

I love the thrill of films like this and even though you know nothing seriously bad is ever going to happen to the main characters (especially when you’ve seen the trailer for the second one) but at the same time you can’t help feeling nervous the whole way through the film because you’re worried something bad is going to happen. I think the thing with me is, I really get into the story and it’s like reality and the TV blend together until I’m living in the film and I feel like it’s me in the life and death situation rather than whoever’s on the screen at that moment and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but it certainly improves my TV experience I feel.

I really do suggest watching this film, whether you’ve read the book or not read the book, whether you want to read or see the film – just do it anyway. Seriously, it’s a great film and when it ends you’ll be desperate for more (I was so desperate I watched it again only about four days after watching it the first time… :/)

5/5 stars. And I know I said it missed out loads of important details but I can get past that.

If you’ve seen this film and would like to share your thoughts please leave them in the comments below. If you’ve written your own review of the film feel free to leave a link and I’ll make sure to check it out!

If you’ve read the book please go over to my book review and post your thoughts there. (Or if you’ve got your own review of the book you can leave a link, which I would love to check out!)

If you haven’t read the book or seen the film but you’re planning to then remember this review and come back and leave your comments then.

 Warnings: Some violent scenes, a few scenes featuring swearing (a couple of made up swear words but it’s obvious what they mean.), scenes of threat, some scenes may be upsetting to younger audiences. For Full details click the link:

Trailer: To see a trailer and read more information on the film and cast please click the link:

Other Information: The Maze Runner is based off the first book in a series written by James Dashner. The second film in the series is out on DVD 1st February 2016.

What We Did On Our Holiday – Film Review

Duration: 1 hr 35 mins

Rating: 12

Release Date: 26 September 2014

Genre: Comedy, drama,

Director(s): Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkins

Cast: Rosamund Pike, David Tennant, Billy Conn0lly, Ben Miller, Emilia Jones, Bobby Smalldridge, Harriet Turnbull…

Description: When three kids go on holiday to Scotland to celebrate their Granddads birthday with their parents they have to pretend that everything is fine between them all when in actual fact, their parents don’t live in the same house anymore and are getting divorced. And it’s a pretty eventful holiday as well…

My Thoughts: I seem to be having a theme this week of cheerful comedy type films and this was definitely a great comedy, it reminded me very much of Outnumbered but in a good way because Outnumbered is amazing! But it had that misbehaving-children-that-the-parents-don’t-know-what-to-do-with vibe and I think that’s one of the best kind of comedies, children being funny is so much funnier than adults being funny and one of the reasons why is because you can actually imagine children saying the things they do and acting the way they do. But with adult comedies it always seems slightly over the top and silly.

David Tennant is an amazing actor, he was definitely the best Doctor in Doctor Who and I was devastated when I found out he was leaving and this is the first thing I’ve watched with him in since then and it was really nice. He played his part really well.

Rosamund Pike was also great, the only other thing I’d seen her in was Gone Girl and I didn’t like her in that very much but I thought she was really good in this!

One of the kids in the film created a chip jenga and to be honest with you I absolutely loved the idea! It was so amazing and looked like so much fun! I might even make my own chip jenga next time I have chips because it would just be so entertaining, not knowing if the chips were going to topple down or not and instead of stacking them back on top I’d eat them, it was so inspirational!

I haven’t watched all that much British television (especially not films) as there is just so much more American stuff out there and so much more successful American stuff but when I do watch British stuff it’s really nice, I can relate to it so much more because in America there are different laws and society is different and I feel like British things are a bit more laid back and relaxed whereas American TV is more dramatic and emotional, but don’t think I’m being horrible about American TV because I’m not! I love American TV, it’s so great and insightful and inspirational but I just think that sometimes it’s nice to have a little taste of home.

This film was really funny but at the same time it had a deeper meaning but it didn’t take the deeper meaning too seriously, it was kind of relaxed and natural rather than making this big drama of things and I think it was really good because I felt like it was showing you what life was really like, kind of, rather than everything being dramatic. It’s hard to explain without giving things away about the film but if you watch it you’ll probably know what I mean.

This film was a really great film about growing up, growing old, relationships, love, forgiveness and most importantly life. And I would really recommend it to all families, it would be perfect for a movie night with a takeaway!

5/5 stars.

If you have seen this film and would like to share your thoughts about it please feel free to leave a comment! If you’ve written a review of this film yourself then feel free to share a link in the comments and I’ll make sure to read it! And if you haven’t seen it but you’re planning to (hopefully because of my review) then remember to come back here afterwards and share what you thought!

Warnings: Some kissing, alcohol consumption, swearing. For full details please click the link to the IMDb Parental Guide:

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Bad Neighbours – Film Review

Duration: 1 hr 37 mins

Rating: 15

Release Date(UK): 3 May 2014

Genre: Comedy

Director: Nicholas Stoller

Cast: Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Rose Byrne, Ike Barinholtz, Carla Gallo, Halston Sage, Christopher Mintz-plasse, Jerrod Carmichael…

Description: When the house neighboring Mac and Kelly Radner’s gets turned into a fraternity house they are forced to live next door to them, but they hope that the president of the fraternity will understand that they have a young baby and be considerate when it comes to partying. It turns out that’s not the case and so it becomes a full-on war between the two neighbours.

My Thoughts: As usual, I saw a trailer for this film when it was first coming out although I never actually got around to watching it, but I remember thinking it looked good and I wanted to watch it.

I think Bad Neighbours had a really unique storyline, and I know this is unlikely to be true but it’s the only film I’ve seen with this storyline and I thought it was a good storyline.

I really liked the conflict that was going on between Mac (Seth Rogen), Kelly (Rose Bynre) and Teddy (Zac Efron) and everyone else in the fraternity house and it was just really funny and entertaining to watch the new ways they tormented each other, it was a bit like how I felt when I used to watch Tom And Jerry and I know that’s probably a really bad comparison but you know what I mean, like, that excitement you got when you didn’t know who was going to win or who was going to come up with the thing next. It was great!

All of the characters were really great! I really loved all of their personalities and I really like comedy couples. I also like it when people make adults seem like really cool and fun – not that they aren’t cool and fun! But I feel like in films usually adults are always underestimated and are always just so calm and relaxed and they don’t ever do anything really and so I like it when films show you that other side of adults, the side where they’re still like you, the side that makes you realise that they are more like you than you even know. My experience of adults is they’re basically teenagers trapped inside adult bodies, they are the exact same as they were when they were a teenager only they have a job and maybe kids and their body is aging but on the inside they are still exactly like teenagers and I like it when films properly show you that. And all of the college guys were really funny and Zac Efron and Dave Fraco were amazing as always (I love how they quite often work together) and there was a slightly emotional scene close to the end of the film with Zac and Dave and it was really good and possibly the best scene in the whole film! And I think they did it really well and it changed the atmosphere and meaning of the film a little bit and it was just great!

I felt like there was a really over-the-top sexual reference theme that wasn’t really necessary and it was just kind of weird and really un-entertaining.

I really love pranks, I’ve watched quite a few pranks done by Youtubers on YouTube (obviously) and they’re some of the best videos, they’re so funny and this film had a  lot of pranks in it and it was really funny!

I’ve been waiting to watch this film for just under two years now and it didn’t disappoint, it was just as good as I expected it to be and there wasn’t anything like deep or emotional that you had to think about it was just an easy to watch funny comedy that kept you entertained and wasn’t complicated, it was just a really good film. And in some comedies I feel like they add things that would be dramatic if they happened in real life and they make it really comedy like and in some films I really hate it and it really annoys me that they don’t take the serious things seriously but in this any of the things that happened that should have been serious and dramatic and weren’t were done well enough that I didn’t mind, it just went with the flow of the film and it was fine.

I would really recommend watching this film if you love comedies or you’ve been waiting to watch this for some time because it won’t let you down! And I would definitely suggest watching this film if you need a bit of cheering up.

4 and a half/5 stars. And the only reason I didn’t give it 5 was because of the unnecessary sex things.

Warnings: Smoking, alcohol consumption, drug taking, swearing, violence, sexual references, sexual scenes, nudity. (This film basically has it all…) For full details please click the link to the IMDb Parental Guide (May contain spoilers):

Trailer: To see a trailer and read more information on the film and cast please click the link:


Happy Christmas – Film Review

Duration: 1 hr 22 mins

Rating: 15

Release Date: 26 June 2014

Genre: Comedy, drama

Director: Joe Swanberg

Cast: Anna Kendrick, Melanie Lynskey, Mark Weber, Lena Dunham, Joe Swanberg…

Description: Jenny has just broken up with her boyfriend and decides to spend Christmas at her brother’s house with his wife and baby. But she isn’t the most mature and reasonable adult around.

My Thoughts: I was scrolling through Netflix this morning looking for something to watch and this was the thing that looked most appealing, although it was only rated 1 star but that’s never stopped me before.

I really like Anna Kendrick, I think she’s really cool and an amazing actress and she’s always in things good (Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true but she does always play her roles well, I feel). As always Anna Kendrick was great, although her character wasn’t likeable she wasn’t supposed to be and I think she did the part justice.

I feel like the film had an okay amount of characters, it wasn’t as many as I would have liked but it wasn’t shockingly low either. And I think all the characters had great personalization, I just think there was a really wide layout of personalities and it was really interesting seeing all of the personalities be connected to one another.

I was expecting it to be a lot more comedy and a lot less serious stuff, like there was a lot of moments when Jenny (Anna Kendrick) was taking drugs and doing things that probably weren’t a very good idea and I was expecting it to be more like festive and comedy, like Jenny cooked Christmas dinner but burnt the turkey and cooked the wrong vegetables or accidentally put chocolate sauce on the dinner instead of gravy, or accidentally knocked the Christmas tree down and broke all the decorations or something, but it wasn’t like that at all and there wasn’t really any comedy to it and there also wasn’t any amount of festiveness like Christmas wasn’t even mentioned other than once and then there was Christmas day but it wasn’t mentioned the day before that it was Christmas Eve it was just this silent thing where it was going to be Christmas but no one spoke about it… it was weird. And I feel like therefore it doesn’t really deserve the title it was given.

I feel like although the film was partially about Jenny moving in with her brother and having a really messed up life and not handling things very well there wasn’t really a storyline, like her making bad decisions wasn’t really like the storyline it felt more like a second storyline and there should have been a more main storyline and there just wasn’t, it felt more like I was watching the boring everyday life of an actual family, you know just like the everyday stuff that happens, just like normal life rather than all the dramatic and cheesy stuff that happens in films for peoples entertainment – it just felt like I was spying on a family, and that was A) kind of creepy and B) not very interesting.

It was an easy to watch film that really didn’t take any concentration but that was it.

Although I think 1 star is a bit harsh so I’m going to give it 2 and a half/5

If you’ve seen this film and would like to share your opinion please feel free to write them in the comments section! If you’ve written a review of the film yourself then make sure to leave a link to it in the comments and I’ll check it out! I’d love to hear what you think!

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Bachelorette – Film Review

Duration: 1 hr 27 mins

Rating: 15

Release Date: 16 August 2013 

Genre: Comedy, romance,

Director: Leslye Headland

Cast: Kirsten Dunst, Rebel Wilson, Lizzy Caplan, Isla Fisher, James Marsden, Adam Scott, Kyle Bornheimer…

Description: Friends Regan, Gena and Katie are all bridesmaids at their high school friend’s wedding, but they’re not too keen on the idea. And on the eve of the wedding everything starts falling apart and they make mistakes that they have to sort out in a matter of hours.

My Thoughts: I watched this film on a day when I wasn’t really doing anything and I was a little bit under the weather and I wanted something easy and cheerful to watch, and it was that but I’m not sure what else.

The characters had nothing going for them, you didn’t care about any of them at all. They were all really unlikeable and I just hated them.

The romance element of the film was kind of dull and it wasn’t really romance-y it was just a load of people on the eve of someone’s wedding sleeping together.

It was slightly offensive and that made me hate it a little bit more.

I feel like the film was too easy going and cheerful and I feel like it really needed to be spiced up by some drama but all the things that happened in it that could have been dramatic were all twisted into a way that they were just supposed to be comedic and funny and I didn’t like it, I feel like it should have taken the dramatic things more seriously.

Everything that happened was really predictable and your usual rom-com comedy.

Although it was an easy film that didn’t take up too much concentration and didn’t have anything sad or depressing in it and it was just generally cheerful and I know that’s what I set out for and it was that, but there was nothing more to it than that. There wasn’t even like a deeper meaning plot to the story, or some kind of life lesson. It was just plain and simple.

I would watch this film again at a sleepover or something because I think it would be a good sleepover film but I wouldn’t watch it again on my own.

3/5 stars.

If you’ve seen this film and would like to share your thoughts please leave them in the comments below or if you’ve written your own review you are more than welcome to share a link in the comments section that I will make sure to read! I would really love to know what you thought of the film!

Warnings: Swearing, drug taking, alcohol consumption, strippers feature, a few sex scenes. For full details click the link to the IMDb Parental Guide: 

Trailer: To see a trailer and read more information on the film and cast click the link: