The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials – Film Review

Duration: 2hr 12min

Rating: 12

Release Date(UK): 10 September 2015

Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Thriller, Young Adult,

Director: Wes Ball

Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Thomas Brodie Sangster, Kaya Scodelario, Rosa Salazar, Giancarlo Esposito, Dexter Darden, Alexander Flores…

Description: Thomas and the Gladers have escaped from the maze, they think that everything will get better now, that they will be safe – they’re wrong. Thomas and the others find themselves in more danger than they have ever been in before and it’s not too long before they find themselves missing the safety of the maze.

My Thoughts: I remember when Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials first came out in cinemas back in September and seeing posters for it on all the buses and being really excited and thinking I must read and watch the first one so I could go and see the second one in cinemas… obviously that never happened and I only saw the first Maze Runner film pretty recently but then I was excited for the DVD release and there’s a whole long story that goes with obtaining it, but I’ll save you the time and just get to the review (I promise it didn’t involve anything illegal!)

I’ve now seen it three times, once with a group of friends, secondly with my sister and thirdly on my own just ’cause, I’m kind of obsessed. Also, I always like watching films based on books twice because the first time I spend all my time comparing it to the book and the second time I can think of it more as a film and think of it like that rather than comparing it to the words of the book.

The first time I saw this film – to be honest – I didn’t think it was all that great, I thought it didn’t follow the storyline of the book at all and if I didn’t know what film I was watching and if it didn’t have the exact same cast I wouldn’t have been able to connect it to The Maze Runner at all. I also felt like it was a bit too crowded with pointless action scenes obviously only there for entertainment purposes and not really relevant to the plot, and it was complicated keeping up with what was going on. There were also a few scenes in which everything was happening so fast I didn’t really know what was happening to which characters or whether they were dead or alive. Although, to be honest there was so much talk going on when my friends were over it could have played a part in the complicatedness of the film.

Another thing that disappointed me was when I read the book I was so excited to see some of the stuff on the big screen, I remember reading the book and thinking “This is going to look incredible in the film”… and then it just never happened. But they’ve kind of merged the last two films together so hopefully those scenes will happen in the last film.

However, the second time I had almost a completely different perspective on it. I still thought that they didn’t really follow the storyline of the book in any way, shape or form except like two scenes but they still weren’t completely to the book and I know that they have to make a few changes due to films being complicated to make and it never being too complicated to write words down on a page but I still feel like they could have done more stuff from the book than they did, I didn’t think it seemed too complicated.

Another thing I didn’t like was how they included some of the stuff from the third book in the second film because now I’m worried they’re going to run out of content for the third film. Another thing is, I’m slightly concerned how they’re going to make some of the really major things that happen in the book (and they will presumably include in the film) happen in the film due to the changes they’ve already made, as it won’t make sense if the things that happen, happen the same way they did in the book.

Although I have grown to love the characters over the course of the books and the first movie (and the actors too!), I didn’t feel like this film really developed they’re characters in any way. I feel like relationship wise they’re characters didn’t grow closer together and we didn’t learn anything more about them (I know they’re supposed to have lost their memories but I still feel like a development in the personalities would have been nice.). I watched the deleted scenes after watching the film and one of the scenes which was deleted was a scene between Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and Newt (Thomas Brodie Sangster) sitting around a fire and I feel like the conversation they have is really meaningful and the fact that they have that conversation at all really showed you how close they are as friends and some of the stuff Newt says really makes you understand how he works psychologically I think and I was really sad when I watched the deleted scenes because I feel like adding that scene into the film would have made a huge difference in the overall quality of the film, but oh well… it’s too late now.

There was this really stupid scene which really annoyed me in which we saw Thomas washing his face at a sink in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep and then it cut to a completely different scene and we didn’t even see him walk away from the sink and it especially annoyed me once I’d seen the deleted scenes because in the time it took to show us that pointless scene we could have seen the scene around the fire between Thomas and Newt.

I feel like there wasn’t enough emotion in some of the scenes and I don’t think it was the actors’ fault because all of the actors are really, really talented! It has such an amazing cast! But I think the scenes just weren’t set up in a way that made it emotional enough and I think a film like this needs a bit of emotion, because you need to be able to connect to a film like this because it’s so surreal and unlike anything people can properly imagine there needs to be emotion so the audience can connect properly.

Before ending this review I would just like to say that the cast and crew of both The Maze Runner and The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials are absolutely amazing and they’re work is just incredible! If someone came and told me that I had the ability to re-choose the cast of The Maze Runner and I could literally choose any actors anywhere, nothing was an issue I would honestly truly pick the same cast, because they all work so well together and they make the film what it is and without that cast and Wes as Director I don’t know what would happen, but I have honest belief that it wouldn’t be the same if any single one of the cast member had been someone else.

I think overall it was a really decent film and I will watch it time and time again presumably because I love the trilogy and I love the actors and the chemistry between them all in the films but I don’t feel it was an accurate representation of the book and so unfortunately I’m going to have to give it 4.5/5 stars. Although I really want to give it five.

Warnings: Alcohol, kissing, swearing and violence all feature. Some scenes may scare or upset. For full details please click the link to the IMDb Parental Guide: Scorch Trials Parental Guide

Trailer: To see a trailer and read more information on the cast and film click the link: The Scorch Trials Trailer And Info (IMDb)

Other Information: The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is the sequel to The Maze Runner it is a 20th Century Fox Production and is based of the trilogy by James Dashner.

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