The Vamps UK Arena Tour 2016 – Event Review

Date: 02 April 2016

Location: O2 Arena, London

Band: The Vamps

Touring Albums: Wake Up and Meet The Vamps

Support Acts: Hometown, Conor Maynard and The Tide.

Costs: Varied

Concert Length (Including support acts): 19:25 – 22:30

My Thoughts: Yesterday I read The Guardian’s review of The Vamps concert and have to say I was very displeased with what they said as I feel like they didn’t really give any proper comment on the music at all and definitely did not tell me what I would want to know if I were going to buy tickets for their next tour. Although I admit I’m coming to you as a fully dedicated Vampette and they probably weren’t but I still think their review could have been better than what it was. Anyway…

I saw The Vamps last May at the O2 Arena when they were on their UK Arena Tour 2015 and it was absolutely amazing and my tickets were really cheap! This time my tickets were quite a bit more expensive but it paid off because our seats were absolutely incredible! We were so close!

I have to admit the wait before the concert actually started got a bit tiresome as we got into the arena just after six and then had to wait for over an hour before anything actually happened but it did give as some selfie opportunities!

I’d never heard of Hometown and didn’t check them out before going to the concert, they were good but I felt they consisted of way too many people (six). They did sing a song which was said to have been written for them by Liam Payne from One Direction, it was actually a really good song! Whether it was actually written by Liam Payne I cannot say.

Next on was Conor Maynard who I was mildly excited about seeing as he sings this really great song R U Crazy? which he sang at the concert and it got everyone really excited (including me!). He also sang other songs which I believe to have been hit singles at some point but my knowledge on Conor Maynard is minimal. Sometimes he was a bit too quiet and you couldn’t really hear him but I’m not sure if that was because of the audience, the speakers/microphone or actually him himself…

The last support group to come on was The Tide who I had seen last year when they were supporting The Vamps and had left a mildly good impression but not as much as they could have done if they hadn’t made up some fictitious story through most of their set! So this year I was slightly weary to what they might actually do but luckily this time it was just singing! To finish their set they sang their new single Young Love which was a good song and really got you ready for The Vamps who were on next! So I was all pumped up and ready for The Vamps but then there was a twenty minute break while they prepared the stage and presumably they thought it was necessary to have a toilet break in the middle of the concert… so my mood went from concert mode to very annoyed in about ten seconds.

It was well worth the wait though as once The Vamps were on they brought the house down (not literally, the O2 is still standing, or it was when I wrote this!) they opened with Rest Your Love and from there it was a non-stop party!

They sang Wild Heart with a really lovely acoustic intro from Brad Simpson on piano and it was so, so beautiful! If I went to the concert and that was the only song they sang it would have been good enough for me!

It was really refreshing to see Tristan Evans come out from behind his drums when they sang Volcano as I always feel sorry for him as he’s always stuck at the back! Not only did Tristan come out from behind his drums but there was fire and it was so cool! The set was just amazing through and through, there was fire; smoke; sparks; confetti, the stage was extended into a little runway so they could come down and people like me could see them better! Anything you can think of they probably had!

One of my favourite parts of gigs is when people sing soft, slow songs and everyone gets out their lights and sways to the music, it is truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and I say this every time I go to a concert but that’s because it continues to be true, it’s truly mesmerising!

Brad sang a really lovely song called Stay, it was really beautiful and it was just him and a guitar and for the first time in the entire gig everything was completely silent, everyone was moving as one and swaying to the music and it was amazing! I love Brad’s voice so much so to be able to hear him sing like that in complete silence from the audience was a truly great moment!

It was really admirable seeing bassist Connor Ball performing enthusiastically and energetically given that he’d recently had surgery on his knee! It was very impressive and it didn’t seem to affect his ability to give an absolutely great performance!

I was slightly disappointed when they sang covers firstly because I was there to hear them sing their own songs and although I understand they do it because when they started they were just a bunch of kids singing covers on YouTube but I feel like continuing to sing covers because it’s how you started out is trying to live in the past and actually all their songs were better than the covers they sang, I also felt like the medley of covers they did was slightly messy and hard to hear.

I was also disappointed when instead of singing Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) themselves (which is a song I really truly love!) they got some random band I had never heard of called New Hope Club to perform it in the middle of their set… I mean, they weren’t bad but they also weren’t The Vamps you know?

One of the highlights of the concert was when The Vamps sang Last Night as it was a song that was really energetic and I think it was the song that got the audience the most excited!

Their encore songs were Stolen Moments and Wake Up. I really, really love Stolen Moments and seeing them perform it live was really something special especially when you include the swaying audience with their lights! When they sang Wake Up there was this massive V covered in flames at the back of the stage and it was really cool although I did think Tristan was going to end up setting fire to himself as he was playing drums right in front of it! Wake Up was definitely one of the highlights of the concert because the audience went crazy and it was performed really well and there was confetti everywhere and there were sparks and smoke and it was the perfect end to an already amazing concert!

I was really, really sad when the concert was over as it was such an amazing night! If you’re a Vampette or Vampion I really think you would enjoy seeing them live! Their better than you ever imagine they’re going to be and every concert they just get better and better!

5/5 stars! One of the highlights of my year so far!






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