The Gift – Film Review

Duration: 1hr 48mins

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Horror

Rating: 15

Release Date(UK): 7 August 2015

Director: Joel Edgerton

Cast: Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall, Joel Edgerton, Allison Tolman, Tim Griffin, Busy Phillips…

Description: 20 years is a long time, especially from childhood to adulthood but some people still hold you responsible, some people cannot let things go. When a childhood classmate from Simon’s past unexpectedly shows up the people closest to Simon are put in danger.

 My Thoughts: Like lots of the films I watch and review, I saw a trailer for this film when it was coming out in cinemas and thought it looked really good. When I noticed it was on Netflix I got really excited and watched it almost immediately!

It wasn’t entirely possible from the trailer to figure out what the film was about, but I felt like a third of the way through, half way though and two thirds through it was still impossible to know what it was about or be interested, because not going to lie, nothing happened in the film until the last fifteen minutes but what did happen was so completely confusing I had no idea what the purpose was at the end. But it seemed to be completely pointless by the end of the film, it seemed like literally nothing had happened and it was very frustrating as I thought it was going to be good.

I felt like it was really sexist, because at the start of the film Simon was really paranoid about his old classmate who had turned up in Simon and his wife’s life and his wife, Robyn, was telling him he was being paranoid and not to worry, and what happened at school is in the past and then Robyn starts getting paranoid and it’s almost like their roles are reversed and now Simon’s telling Robyn to stop being paranoid, but when Simon was paranoid it was supposed to be because he was worried about his family being hurt (so he was trying to ‘protect’ his ‘weak’ wife) but when Robyn gets paranoid it’s portrayed as if she’s being stupid and weak and over-reacting and I really, really disliked it.

I don’t feel like this film actually fits into any of the genres it’s put into, it isn’t a thriller there’s nothing thrilling about it. It isn’t a mystery – other than what it’s actually about. It isn’t scary so it couldn’t fit under horror… Is there a genre called ‘doesn’t make sense’ or ‘has no purpose’? Because the entire story was purposeless, impossible to get a storyline out of the film and all events that happened in the film turned out to be pointless.

I really wouldn’t suggest watching this film because it’s really disappointing and doesn’t make any sense, all the scenes are really boring and nothing meaningful happens.

1/5 stars.

If you have watched this film please leave your comments below on what you thought, and if it made sense to you! I would love to read what you thought!

Warnings: Please read the IMDb parental guide –

Trailer: To see a trailer and read full details on the film and cast please click the link –

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