Exams And A Broken Computer

Hi Followers!

I hope you are all well and settling nicely into the new year! I would love to know what exciting things you have achieved already and what things you hope to achieve in the coming months!? One of the things I hope to achieve is a better study schedule as I am SO far behind right now! Also, would be to write more reviews, but unfortunately lots of study time and lots of reviewing writing time don’t really fit together well, as not only do I have to write the reviews I have to watch, read or attend the event to be able to write a review – which can be very time consuming sometimes. However, I do have quite a few reviews stored in my brain that I just need to get written done on here but that still might take some time, but don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about my blog and all you fantastic people that follow me!

Another thing other than exams (yes, I’m still at that age where exams are a thing that dominate my entire life!) is that my main laptop which is brand new has been sent off for repair due to a broken headphone socket and that should be back this week (hopefully!) but that means that I’ve had to use my really old Apple iBook G4, which works fine for what I need it to and it’s a really great computer I’m just much more comfortable and familiar with my usual HP and it works faster. Also, as we all know it’s the new year and in the first few months everyone is kind of getting themselves together and trying to achieve some positive changes in their lives and there are things to do and you’re much more motivated to do things that you don’t normally do, and it’s really weird because I don’t really understand why it’s a thing to be more motivated at the start of a new year because time doesn’t really exist – calenders and clocks are just things that humans have made up to make life more manageable but sometimes I wish they didn’t because imagine how stress free a life with no calender and no clock would be? No time limit to do something ever, but I understand how in our current society calenders and clocks are completely necessary.

I understand if you have got bored with my blog by now and want to click the unfollow button, if I were you I probably would have done that ages ago but I promise there are more reviews coming! I really love writing reviews for you guys and it makes me really sad when I don’t have the time!

As an attempt to keep you interested here’s a list of all the things I have yet to review or the things that I am going to be watching/attending in the coming few weeks and then reviewing:

  • Phantom Halo (Film Review)
  • Albatross (Film Review)
  • Love Actually (Film Review)
  • Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Film Review)
  • Nowhere Boy (Film Review)
  • The Vamps UK Arena Tour 2016 (Concert Review – coming April)

So, there’s the list! I can’t tell you when you’ll actually get the reviews of these as I need to write them up and maybe even re-watch a few of the things I mentioned but I will be reviewing them and hopefully very soon! Oh and by the way, if you think you recognize a theme with the list of films you’re probably imagining it… there is no connection between any of them whatsoever… 😉


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