A Post Dedicated To Richard Wisker

Okay, so today is the 1st of February which means not only is it a new month it is also one of my huge inspirations birthday.

Richard Wisker is my inspiration for so many reasons, I’ve even done coursework on him before… I decided two years ago that I wanted to be an actor and I’m working towards it slowly and in those two years Richard Wisker has been there to show me that everyone can succeed if they want to, all you need is hard work and dedication and I’ve spent many hours admiring Richard Wisker’s acting and how dedicated he is to his work and everyone that has ever worked with him and commented about it says he’s a pleasure to work with and always turns up really energised and that’s how I want people to see me too, when I have co-stars and Directors I want everyone to think that I’m as dedicated and energised as Richard Wisker is.

Also, the way he interacts with his fans from what I’ve seen and from what fans say about him is how I want to interact with any future fans I may have (this is starting to sound really big-headed, but I promise it’s not about me!), all his fans always meet him and have a really positive experience with it and unfortunately the event I was supposed to meet him at was cancelled and so I can’t give you insider knowledge to what he’s like when meeting fans.

He can always cheer me up when I’m feeling stressed or upset and not just anybody can do that for a person, you know? You have to be a certain kind of person to be able to cheer up a person who doesn’t even know you.

Richard Wisker has been acting since he was thirteen and although I’m older than thirteen it’s inspiring to me that he started so young and ended up with a massive role in one of the biggest children’s TV programmes, also a TV programme that I feel has probably shaped part of who I am today, Tracy Beaker Returns. Which is a really great and insightful programme that really helps educate children in the way of the world outside of the academic curriculum and it’s what I first saw Richard Wisker in and Richard’s character Liam was a really interesting character and Richard played him really well.

I also think that Richard Wisker is really good at playing any role to the fullest of his ability within that genre no matter what the character or how silly the scene and I find that sometimes I get embarrassed when I’m playing a strange character or in a weird and silly scene but I feel like Richard is really good at just convincing you it’s completely normal and natural and that’s another thing that I find inspiring, the ability not to get embarrassed by the things that you have to do as an actor.

Not only is Richard a great actor he also manages to juggle his career as an actor with making music which he loves to do and I like that his career doesn’t consume him and that he manages to find time to do the things he’s really passionate about as I am passionate about many things and I wouldn’t want to have to stop doing them because I became an actor.

And the other thing I’m going to mention in this post is how down-to-earth he seems and although he’s not the most successful person in the world someone who has been on the TV can occasionally become really big-headed and full of themselves and think they’re really impressive and everyone should be jealous of them etc. but Richard just seems like a normal guy that you would go to school with or work with and I like that he just seems normal and he just does what comes naturally to him and what he enjoys without trying to impress others and without being big-headed.

I am so grateful for Richard Wisker and everything that he has done and continues to do for me without even being aware that he’s doing it and I hope he has a really great 21st Birthday!!

If you are also a fan of Richard Wisker and would like to wish him a Happy Birthday please feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂

Please go and check Richard Wisker out on Twitter his username is @RichardWisker4

Or you can check him out on Instagram: @RichardWisker

Or you can look at his Facebook page: RichardWiskerOffic (This is the official Facebook page of Richard Wisker and any others are fake.)

You can also go and by his debut movie Friday Download Presents: Up All Night on Amazon. (You can check out my review of the film here).


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