Jurassic World – Film Review

Duration: 2hrs 4mins

Rating: 12A

Release Date: 11 June 2015  (Cinemas)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi,

Director: Colin Trevorrow

Cast: Chris Pratt, Byce Dallas Howard, Irrfan Khan, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson,

Description: There is a new Theme Park that’s just opened up on the previous site of Jurassic Park, where you can see real life dinosaurs up close! And there’s a new bad girl – the Indominus Rex a genetically modified dinosaur designed to be bigger and scarier than a T-Rex to raise ticket sales. But the Indominus Rex escapes containment and destructs the park among other things.

My Thoughts: There are some uses of bad language in this review but only quoting the filmI remember first watching Jurassic Park years ago and I saw it as old and outdated and not really all that cool (after I got over the nightmares it gave me as a little kid.) and I thought “Urgh! Re-make… it’s going to be completely rubbish! They can’t re-make something that is that old.” (This was before I had seen the trailer…) Funny story though, there were two different trailers I saw and the first one I saw it confirmed my predictions and did just look like a trashy re-make but then I saw another trailer with the line “She’s killing for sport.” said by Owen (Chris Pratt) And that was it! The film had been sold to me, I was desperate to go and see it, a dinosaur killing for sport?! How cool is that?!

I felt like it was a really long time before we saw Chris Pratt and given that he’s kind of the lead and the hero of the film I would have expected to see him sooner – although, to be honest I was more excited about seeing the trained raptors, I think the concept of training some of the dinosaurs was a brilliant idea, it really added something to the film because you expect the raptors to be kind of bad and murderous but instead their trained like dogs and it’s really entertaining and awesome to watch. I would love to be able to say that my job was training dinosaurs.

The indominus Rex was awesome, from the very first scene that we saw her my heart was pounding. It was nice that the dinosaur was female, at l least some films can have intelligent, competent female characters that can defend themselves even if those female characters are murderous dinosaurs.

I think the film would have been better if there had been more lead up to the dramatic things, it kind of all just happened really fast and I didn’t feel like we really cared or knew anything about the characters before their lives were at risk. I like being able to connect to the characters but it wasn’t there at the start of the film – I had of course developed this connection by the end of the film. I also feel like the ending could have been a bit more original and left you just sitting there in awe for a few minutes after it ended.

A film that highlights the terrible world we live in where A) people will make really dangerous things to get more money and B) people will risk other people’s safety to make more money in the future or to keep their business going, it’s sick!

I wasn’t so sure about them casting Chris Pratt as the lead as the only other thing I’ve seen him in has been Bride Wars starring Anne Hathaway but after seeing the film I think it was an excellent decision he was funny and cool, but could be badass and serious when he needed to be. I also think his relationship with the Raptors was really sweet and he played that part of his role really well. I think that Bryce Dallas Howard did an amazing job in her role although I was slightly disappointed when she couldn’t really stand up for herself and she was a bit pathetic and kind of motherly but close to the end she become a bit more capable of doing things and that was nice to see because it’s always good to see women being able to handle themselves without having to whimper over to a man for help, as that isn’t what women are like in real life, sure women like to feel safe but everyone does and everyone naturally feels safe around a person they love and care about but women don’t become incapable when they know they have a man to assist them. I thought Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson were brilliantly cast for the role of two brothers going away to a dinosaur theme park one completely disinterested and the other one overly excited about the whole thing and they worked so well together, they did a really good job! John Papsidera did a brilliant job as Casting Director the cast made the film as good as it was.

When I watch films I really get into them it’s like in a dream when you’re either an actual part of it or you’re like looking on at what’s happening right in front of you and when I watch films I kind of become the characters and I feel what they feel, but for me to do this the film has to be good and for me to feel strong emotion it has to be really good so let me tell you this guys; I feared for my life watching that film, I was so engaged with the film that I actually felt as if I was the one that was about to be eaten and I know it sounds really ridiculous but honestly I was so scared! But that means it was a really, really good film!

I actually took notes during the film so that I could remember it better and make a more interesting review and the final note I made at the end of the film literally just says amazing! That’s all it says.

5/5 stars couldn’t possibly deserve less, my heart was racing the whole way through that film with not only fear but excitement, I was desperate to know what was going to happen next.

“Can we stay with you?” Gray “Oh, I am never leaving you again for as long as you live!” Claire “No! No! Him!” Gray and Zach say pointing at Owen

What do you mean use the raptors?!” Claire “Son of a bitch!” Owen “You shouldn’t say bitch,” Gray

“We’re brothers and we’ll always be brothers and we’ll always come back to one another, no matter what.” Zach

“Something’s wrong, they’re communicating.”

“I know why they wouldn’t tell us what it’s made of…” Owen

“Dammit Larry! Be a man and do something for once in your life!” Claire “Why did you have to make it personal?” Larry

“What happened to the sibling?” “She ate it…” Claire

Warnings: There are a couple of sexual references including in one case a hand gesture implying sex. There is lots of gory and violence due to the fact that it’s about a murderous dinosaur escaping and killing anything that gets in it’s path, you see a few people attacked, eaten or even squashed by dinosaurs. There is some strong language. Two men are seen drinking alcohol. Some of the scenes may scary or upset people. For full details on all of this click the link provided:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0369610/parentalguide?ref_=tt_stry_pg

Trailer: For a trailer and more information on Jurassic World click the following link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0369610/?ref_=nv_sr_1 This link leads to a secure website called Internet Movie Database.


Folk By The Oak 2015 – Event Review

Date: 19 July 2015

Location: Hatfield House Grounds, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK

Costs: Varied

Performers: Main stage – (in order of appearance) Moore Moss Rutter, Lady Maisery, Keston Cobblers Club, Nancy Kerr and the Sweet Visitor band, The Unthanks, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Bellowhead. Acorn Stage – London Youth Folk Ensemble, Gnoss, Jess Morgan Trio, Blair Dunlop, The Young’uns, Moulettes,

Description: Folk By The Oak was a festival where folk acts of all different ages and from all over the place came and performed at Hatfield House Grounds. It was a fantastic day and evening with some amazing acts, loads of food, vintage and folk stands, raffle prizes run by the Willow Foundation (a charity to give young people with terminal cancer the opportunity to have one last perfect day, for more information click the link: https://www.willowfoundation.org.uk/)  and a beautiful firework display along with the headliners – Bellowhead – at the end of the festival.

A Note: I have lots of photos that I still need to sort through and edit, but I will edit them into the blog as soon as I can and also put them in the gallery. I have already posted some and they can be seen over at my twitter account: https://twitter.com/bloggingreview

My Thoughts: I went to Folk By The Oak but I’m not much of a folk fan myself (and don’t start thinking I’m going to say I left as a folk fan!) but I was pleasantly surprised because although I’m not a folk fan I can enjoy basically all music and I enjoyed the day, the weather was lovely and the music was good and  there were good and unique things about everyone that I saw, although unfortunately due to having to look after my stuff I couldn’t see everyone that appeared on the Acorn Stage. Firstly I’m going to review everyone individually and then summarise my entire Folk By The Oak experience.

Moore Moss Rutter: These were the first people I saw at Folk By The Oak and they started the festival off beautifully with a great collection of energetic and sad songs spaced out very well in their set. It was also very refreshing to see a group of young men passionate about not so common music – they weren’t interested in being in a boyband and playing the music that would make them most successful and get girls attention – they were interested in playing the music they were passionate about and it was really clear that it was what they were passionate about. They were really enjoying themselves – or they seemed to be – and their enjoyment was infectious and by seeing them have a good time you had a good time.

Lady Maisery: They sang a very impressive song that involved lots of ‘diddles’ I think and it seemed like a really hard song to do but they did it so well and were completely in unison and it must have taken hours of rehearsing and they’re synchronisation and the way they moved on stage together was really good, they looked like true professionals. They always looked like they were having a good time and they were always smiling. They did an acapella song (no instruments) and it was really beautiful and it was only close to the end that I released that it was completely acapella and the reason I hadn’t already noticed was because it was so nice I kind of lost myself in it a bit and it was so good you didn’t even need the instruments. It was mesmerising.

Keston Cobblers Club: A group of young energetic artists who played a range of instruments very well. They all seemed like good friends and got on, on stage – although who knows what happens off stage – but it was really refreshing to see them, I feel like Folk By The Oak did an absolutely great job at spacing all the artists out and I never would have guessed that there were so many young people who played folk music. The audience seemed to enjoy their performance as they had quite a crowd at the standing area and they all enjoyed themselves. They’re music was very well rehearsed and I found them very enjoyable to watch, they were very good at using the space of the stage. They reminded me a bit of Mumford And Sons but in a good way and they were actual folk.

Jess Morgan Trio: This was the first and only act I had the privilege of seeing on the Acorn Stage and I’m glad I did because these were artists that you didn’t want to miss. I found myself liking their music, it wasn’t the same as lots of the other music that I’d seen so far that morning, it was more emotional and although they were on the Acorn Stage and therefore had a smaller audience they certainly put on a show, they acted as if they were performing to a stadium not like 100 or so people. They knew how to draw in the audience and they talked between songs and it was nice, I felt like I could connect with them in a way that maybe I didn’t connect with some of the other acts I’d seen. I felt like I could get an idea on their personalities. Jess sang one of her own songs and I thought that was really nice because usually folk music is like traditional and it’s just another cover of a songs that’s been done loads of times and I thought it was really nice that she did one of her own and it was actually one of the better songs that I heard them do. Jess had an absolutely beautiful and soft voice, and I’m glad she’s using it. She definitely has talent.

Nancy Kerr and the Sweet Visitor band: They were definitely the most folkie act I had seen in the day so far. There was a wide variety of different instruments and tunes and Nancy had a nice voice to listen to, and their harmonies were really nice. There was a song that Nancy did called “gingerbread” that was one of her songs and it was about summertime and love and not having much but making do with what you did have and it was really nice and had really beautiful lyrics and you really did feel like it was summer time (partly because it was). I thought Nancy was very political and had lots of good opinions and she talked about issues and the problems in the world both in her songs and in between them and it was inspirational. Nancy sang a song from her Elizabethan Time Session and it was the best song I’d heard so far, it had folkie vocals and lyrics but the instrumental bits were much more rocky and fun.

The Unthanks: They have some lovely vocals and Lizzy Jones was great on the trumpet and the piano playing was good too! Some of the songs they did just made you want to dance and they were quite rocky and then other songs were more haunting and folkie. Their last song was amazing, they ended their set magnificently! It was a really haunting and sad song and it brought complete silence over the entire audience, it was phenomenal I hadn’t seen anything like it so far that day and I never saw anything like it again. They set a peace through the entire site, you could have heard a pin drop and it was in a field! Everything was in complete silence (or that’s how it felt!) and it felt like we were all united as one, and the world felt completely peaceful, it was such a great atmosphere! Then for their encore song they sang a song which I think they sang at the start to kick their set off and it was very good and they did a bit of tap/clog dancing and it was really nice.

Mary Chipin Carpenter: I didn’t like Mary as much as I had liked other acts throughout the day, although I do think she was very energetic and friendly and pleased to be there and she’d travelled a long way to perform at Folk By The Oak and she had a massive audience, loads of people were standing at the front of the stage and I think she was good, but I didn’t like her as much as I had liked some of the other people. But she enjoyed herself and other people enjoyed her set so that’s all that matters really, you can’t please everyone.

Bellowhead: These were the headliners and I think Folk By The Oak made a very good decision to make them the headliners. I had already heard some of their music in advance and I thought it was alright but I wasn’t a fan as such. But that was before I knew how brilliant they were on stage I was mesmerised by them, they all performed so well, they’re like born performers, I’ve only ever seen that much energy on stage and that’s when I’ve seen boybands and Bellowhead are definitely not a boyband. They were just the most fantastic people to finish off the festival, it was such a great ending and I have to give huge praise to whoever did the fireworks at the end of their set, it was so good, completely in time with the music. Just amazing! It was a great night and everyone enjoyed themselves and once Bellowhead came on I felt like it had started to get the true gig atmosphere, and I was lucky enough to be stood by the front. And Jon Boden’s pink jacket was really nice!

The Gig Itself: I had never been to a music festival before, the only gigs I’ve ever been to have been in huge stadiums or at least indoor venues and I wasn’t sure what to expect atmosphere wise. I think it was really well organised and the stages were a nice size and the location was quite good, it was away from roads so you couldn’t hear the traffic. The day was fantastic and sunny, and it was just nice to be out enjoying the music. I would definitely go again, it was really good. If you like folk music or just music in general and have the money I think it’s worth going along.

Links: http://www.folkbytheoak.com/ https://twitter.com/FolkByTheOak https://www.willowfoundation.org.uk/

Gone Girl – Film Review

Duration: 2hrs 29mins

Rating: 18

Release Date: 2 October 2014 (UK)

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Crime

Director: David Fincher

Cast: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Carrie Coon, Kim Dickens, Patrick Fugit,

Description: Nick and Amy Dunne have a difficult marriage, but on their fifth wedding anniversary Amy goes missing, and the Dunne’s house is a wreck. The police investigate but it’s hard without any evidence, although they find some strange things and start to wonder; Did Nick Dunne murder is wife?

My Thoughts: I remember reading the book of Gone Girl before the film had come out on DVD and really liking it, it was really well written and although it wasn’t fast-paced as you would expect it didn’t need to be. When the DVD came out I think I bought it a couple of days after the release and stayed up until midnight watching it with my family. All of them disliked the film, but I think that’s because they didn’t necessary understand the true beauty and format of the film.

It’s very hard (not speaking from experience) to make a crime, thriller, mystery film without it being fast-paced and without there being a murder. But I think the cast and crew did a brilliant job on Gone Girl partly because of Gillian Flynn’s excellent book! Although I had read the book and therefore already knew what was going to happen it was still a shock and surprise when it happened, even though I knew it was going to happen.

It was dramatic as well as not being dramatic, and I think the way they jump to the past and present is done really well and really puts a great touch onto the film, much better than other films that do it.

I think Gone Girl is a truly beautiful piece of art and that it’s not the story that makes it so good, although the story is good, it’s how it’s made that makes it so great. It’s hard to explain.

I found the film and the book really compelling and I couldn’t figure out what had happened to Amy, it was a complete surprise and a great one and so unique! Obviously I knew what was going to happen in the film as I had read the book before hand.

If you watch this film – and I think you should – please watch it with an open mind and really concentrate on the detail and the beauty of it.

5/5 stars

Warnings: There are about six sexual scenes including brief nudity, rape is mentioned and discussed, there is small amounts of violence and self-inflicted harm, there’s quite a lot of bloody scenes, the subject of the film is a murder investigation, There is strong language used throughout the film including sexual references, almost all of the characters socially drink alcohol and some smoking is seen. For full information click the link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2267998/parentalguide?ref_=tt_stry_pg

Trailer: For the trailer to this film and more information click the link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2267998/?ref_=nv_sr_1

The Maze Runner – Book Review

Title: The Maze Runner

Author: James Dashner

Length: 371 Pages

Genre: Action, Adventure, YA fiction,

Publisher: Chicken House

Description: Thomas wakes up confused, disoriented, brain-washed and the only thing he can remember is his first name. He’s in a place called the Glade surrounded by other boys who have forgotten everything. They’re all trapped in the centre of a strange and horrifying maze that they can’t escape from and don’t know anything about, but in the morning when the doors to the Maze open they’ll try anything and everything to escape.

My Thoughts: The Maze Runner was unlike any other book I’ve ever read! It was phenomenal! It kept you on the edge of your seat the whole way through, there was never a dull moment.

Although you could compare The Maze Runner to a couple of other books (The Knife Of Never Letting Go, The Hunger Games,) those were just certain aspects of the book, I in no way think that James Dashner got his ideas from those books, it was a brilliant unique piece of work.

I don’t really know what I was expecting when I picked up the book, I found out about The Maze Runner from watching the trailer for the film (More on that later) and it looked really, really good! And so I got the book and read it and I’m glad I did!

Unlike other action/adventure type books I’ve read this wasn’t repeating the same thing over and over, I feel like with some books although they can be good and keep you on the edge of your seat they kind of repeat the same thing over and over again and still make it dramatic but with The Maze Runner all the dramatic things were completely different, some of it was predictable but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable when it happened.

I thought Thomas was a really great character, he was easy to relate to and you felt for him and the horrific situation he was in. And as well as him being dead terrified the whole time because of what was happening he was also really brave and strong and that’s how I would want to be in that kind of situation, scared but able to hide it and deal with the situation properly rather than making a bad decision out of fear. I see a lot of myself in Thomas. I feel like as well as Thomas there was a great selection of characters all having different characteristics but also sharing similar characteristics, and it was really well balanced.

There were actually days when I didn’t have a lot of spare time, and usually any spare time I have whilst travelling or something I will use to read but with this book if I knew I wouldn’t be travelling for long I actually didn’t pick up the book, and it’s not because it was so bad I didn’t want to spend my spare time reading it – quite the opposite actually – it was so good I knew that if I picked it up I wouldn’t be able to put it back down again and that wasn’t an option, I had to put it back down again so I could do the things I needed to do.

If you don’t read The Maze Runner then you are seriously missing out on a fantastic reading opportunity! I think people of all ages would enjoy this book because it’s so unique and different.

5/5 stars, definitely!

My Favourite Part: All of it! Every single page! One of the best books I’ve read in a very long time!

Warning: This book contains violent, upsetting and sometimes scary scenes.

Other Books In The Series: The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, The Kill Order, The Maze Runner Files (e-book special)

Other Books By The Author: Infinity Ring Book 1: A Mutiny In TimeThe 13th Reality SeriesThe Jimmy Finch Saga,

Other Information: The Maze Runner was turned into a film in 2014 by Twentieth Century Fox. The film is rated a 12A and stars Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf, 2011), Kaya Scodelario (Moon, 2009), Will Poulter (We’re The Millers, 2013) and Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Nanny McPhee, 2005). For more information on the film click the link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1790864/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Batman Begins – Film Review

Duration: 2hrs, 20mins

Rating: 12A

Release Date: 16 June 2005 (UK)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller,

Director: Christopher Nolan

Cast: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman, Cillian Murphy,

Description: Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered in front of him when he was ten, he blamed himself. Many years later – nineteen to be exact – Bruce goes back to his home town, Gotham, because there is a trial on the man who murdered them. After the trial Bruce realises that he wants to make a difference, he wants to find justice for everyone. So he becomes Batman, he uses his resources at Wayne Enterprises to make some useful gadgets handed over to him by Lucius Fox. He has to save Gotham from Scarecrow and the League Of Shadows before they get their own way and destroy Gotham.

My Thoughts: Right, where to start… It was such an epic film! It was fast paced and intense and interesting, it kept you on the edge of your seat (or that could have been because I couldn’t get comfortable) it was excellently cast thanks to John Papsidera C.S.A and Lucinda Syson. It was just an amazing film, it had a brilliant lead up to everything and there wasn’t a second when it go a bit dull, something good was going on in every second. And something that I really liked was it didn’t show what happened in the past for too long, I hate it when films are set in one time but they continuously go back to the past and show you little bits the whole way through the film whereas with this film they showed you the past and that was basically the end of it, and it made it much better.

But lets go into the film deeper shall we?

Firstly, I hate how in films people give women the right to randomly HIT men! Well they don’t even give women the right they just make them hit men and it is so stupid! It is ridiculous and sexist, women don’t just hit men, and that’s partly because it’s illegal and partly because it’s not right even if it was legal! Yes, I think women should be able to hit men as long as they’re some kind of superhero or villain not if they’re just an ordinary person going about their ordinary lives unless they have a reason! When men hit women in films it’s supposed to seem aggressive and violent but when women hit men I think it’s supposed to seem kind of cute and people are supposed to think the fact that the women’s hit him it means she really cares about him, wrong! It means she can’t possibly care about him because if she did she wouldn’t have hit him! WOMEN DON’T HIT PEOPLE AS A SIGN OF AFFECTION!

Right, now that we’ve got the most important bit out of the way I will continue with the rest of the review.

I think although Batman doesn’t have an actual superpower, it’s very unique that he uses his fear as his power, he uses his fear to benefit him rather than control him in a negative way and I think that puts a really good twist on the film, because it’s unique. I know Batman’s been re-made hundreds of times and whatever but it’s unique to Batman. I think it’s cool how Bruce turns the cave that started his fear into the bat cave where he works on how to save people’s lives. I also love how the bat cave is an actual cave.

I think Scarecrow is by far the best villain in Batman (even though I know a lot of people think it’s the Joker) he’s funny but he can still be scary (after he’s drugged people, which just makes it even more funny!) I also love the mask, keeping it simple, it might even be this year’s Halloween costume. I didn’t understand Scarecrow’s fear, it just looked like a tar man and so I’ve come to the conclusion that Scarecrow is afraid of tar…

Bruce Wayne leaves after the trial of the man that murdered his parents for many years and his butler, Alfred, tells everyone he’s dead but then he comes back and in one scene he goes to Wayne Enterprises and wants to talk to someone who’s in a board meeting and the receptionist asks him to identify himself and when he identifies himself as Bruce Wayne the look on the receptionist face is just priceless it was done really well, and then he goes on to teach her golf in the hall. It was a good scene!

There was also a scene when Bruce test drives the tumbler and once he’s done he turns to Lucius Fox and smiles one of the most evil/cheesy smiles I’ve ever scene and says “Does it come in black?” it was very funny.

There were lots of great scenes the list could just go on and on, but I won’t bore you with all of that.

I think I connected with the characters more in Batman Begins than I did in any of the others. I definitely connected with the character of Bruce Wayne more, I think it’s because he was just starting out as Batman and he’d only returned to Gotham very recently and now he was having to be in the public eye as Bruce Wayne the billionaire and playboy and I felt really sorry for him, because that’s not he is or who he wants to be but it’s what the public expect and there’s a scene when he goes to a hotel with two women and he bumps into Rachel and he’s embarrassed and feels like now Rachel’s just going to see him as the man who drives around in really expensive cars and gorgeous women and breaks all of the rules just because he can and he says to her “This isn’t me, it’s not how I really am underneath.” and Rachel replies with a really great line “It’s not who you are underneath Bruce, but what you do that defines you.” It was a really sad scene and I felt really sorry for him.

There’s a really impressive scene when Christian Bale drinks an entire glass of smoothie without even taking a breath and then goes on to do press-ups seconds later.

There’s a really sad scene when Batman gets drugged with something that makes him hallucinate and it’s really upsetting and horrible (I connect with the characters too much in TV).

I wish someone would actually play the piano in the film other than making a couple of clashing horrible noises to get to the bat cave. I also wish I had a secret passage in my house that you could get to by playing the piano.

There’s a really stupid scene when Rachel goes into a lift and presses everyone single button multiple times in the hopes that it will make the lift work faster, obviously it doesn’t work because the lift keeps getting mixed signals and she gets no where.

Batman pointlessly destroys a police car with officers in it and I think, why did he do that? He’s supposed to be the good guy but he risked their lives in order to get away faster.

I really dislike when people just stand around in burning buildings having a chat while the building falls apart around them, the same as I really hate how people just stand and stare at dinosaurs that are about to eat them rather than running. There aren’t any dinosaurs in Batman Begins so don’t get your hopes up.

There were sad scenes and there were funny scenes, it was just pure entertainment. The best film out of the trilogy. Five stars! I regret always saying that Batman was stupid without ever seeing the films, especially this one it’s just amazing! So good.


“Would you like to see my mask? I use it in my experiments.”

–  Scarecrow in one of the best scenes in the entire film.

“I don’t know! I swear to god! ” – Random bad guy “Swear to me!” – Batman

“You look like a man that takes himself too seriously, do you want my opinion? I think you need to lighten up.” – Scarecrow

“When you told me your grand plan for saving Gotham the only thing that stopped me from calling the men in white coats was that you told me it wasn’t about thrill seeking.” – Alfred “And it’s not.” Bruce “Then what would you call that?” Alfred points at the TV which is showing the news and the tumbler speeding down the highway with police cars and helicopters following in pursuit “Damn good television.” Bruce “It’s a miracle no one was killed!” Alfred “I didn’t have time to think about the rules of the road.” Bruce

“Please leave, stop smiling it’s not a joke, just get out.” – Bruce Wayne

“Why do we fall sir? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.” –  Alfred

“If after all these press-ups you can’t even lift a bloody log…” – Alfred

“There’s nothing to fear except fear itself.” – Scarecrow

“It’s not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me.” – Batman

“Don’t be afraid Bruce, you’re just a an in a cape and that’s you can’t fight injustice and that’s why you can’t stop this train.” – Ducard

“Always be aware of your surroundings.” – Batman

“Justice is about more than revenge.”

“Why bats Master Wayne?” – Alfred “Bats frighten me, it’s time for my enemies to share my dread.”

Warnings: Violence and fighting (injuries are seen), alcohol and drugs, sexual references and some kissing, may include bad language. For more information click the link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0372784/parentalguide?ref_=tt_stry_pg

Trailer: To watch the trailer and get more information click the link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0372784/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Other Films In The Trilogy: The Dark Knight (2008), The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

Bishop Gundulfs Morris – Event Review

Date: 14 July 2015

Location: The King’s Arms (Pub) Upnor, Kent, UK

Costs: Free

Description: Bishop Gundulfs Morris are a Traditional Morris Dancing side based in Medway, Kent, UK. They have a Men’s side, a Women’s Side and a Children’s side. They’re next dancing at Sompting Morris Ale, Shornham-By-Sea, West Sussex, UK. I was told that they’re always looking for new members! For more information please click the link http://bishopgundulfsmorris.com/

My Thoughts: I went down to The King’s Arms to see Bishop Gundulfs Morris dance it wasn’t something I was familiar with seeing, as it’s not very common that you have Morris Dancers dancing outside a Pub. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised.

They were all very friendly and easy to chat to and they all seemed to be having a great time when dancing, everything seemed well organised and the dances were very impressive – some more than others. The woman who were wearing green dresses with patterned yellow aprons danced with sticks with bells and ribbons attached and pretty flowery handmade garlands. The men wore black trousers, white shirts and lovely green waistcoats that they pinned badges all over, they danced with big metal swords with wooden handles and made what they call a ‘star lock’ which meant that they locked all of the swords together so that it made the shape of a star. It was very impressive!

The musicians played a set of Folk Dance tunes and there was a very good selection of musical instruments all played by cheerful players. Some instruments that you wouldn’t expect – such as the recorder which isn’t an instrument that very many people take seriously, but there was a very talented recorder player that made recorders seem very professional and serious; because of course, for quite few people they are. There was also a violinist, banjo player, drummer, an accordion player and a melodeon player all of the players were very talented and because of the different range of instruments it was very pleasing to listen to and really added something to the dances.

Another thing that was good was there was a big variety on age in both the dancers and the musicians so it didn’t feel like it was just an older persons thing or just a younger persons thing and everyone seemed to get along even though there was a difference in age between all of them and that was really nice.

There are quite a lot of Morris Dancing Festivals that you can pop along to and see Morris Dancers from all over the country, if you’re not familiar with Morris Dancing I suggest you Google it because it’s a very unique and fascinating form of traditional dancing, and I’m very glad that Bishop Gundulfs are the morris side I saw last night, it was a very fun night. And after all of their tiring dancing they go into the pub and play and sing tunes! I was very sad when it all came to an end.

Please go and check out their website http://bishopgundulfsmorris.com/ and if you have Twitter go and follow them @bishopgundulfs

The Dark Knight Rises – Film Review

Duration: 2hrs 44mins 28secs

Rating: 12A

Release Date: 20 July 2012 (UK)

Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime, Drama

Director: Christopher Nolan

Cast: Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine,

Description: Set eight years in the future from when Batman fought to save Gotham City from the Joker, Bruce Wayne has been in hiding ever since, and hardly anyone’s seen or spoken to him. It’s not long before Bruce has to get himself together and be Batman again because there’s a new villain in town, Bane, and Gotham is once again in world ending danger.

My Thoughts: I don’t know what I was expecting from the final film in The Dark Knight Trilogy if I had an expectations at all. It started off a bit slow pasted, making sense of everything that was going on and introducing the characters of the film. Once it got going it was good, I struggled to hear it in a few places but that was just due to my annoyance of not wanting to continuously turn it up and down like you always do when watching an action film.

This film was funny, action-packed, sad, and just plain enjoyable so it got up to the same standard of the last two films. I enjoyed this one more than I enjoyed the second one I think, but not as much as I enjoyed the first one.

I wished you had seen more of Batman though, as I feel like, given that it was a Batman film Batman’s actually role in it was a bit low, although this did make you lose hope a bit and that was a good thing. I feel like in action films – especially one’s about superheroes – you never feel like everything won’t turn out okay, you always know it will be saved by the hero, but with this film you didn’t, there were a couple of times when I lost hope and thought maybe things wouldn’t turn out okay, then I gained hope again and then I lost it. It was good to have that feeling of the unknown.

Bane’s voice was so funny it was hard to take him seriously, I feel in most Batman films Batman seems to have a more evil voice than the villains and it’s just a bit weird… Unlike The Dark Knight though when the Joker had a good higher voice to make it a bit different Bane’s voice was just, strange. I also found his mask really disturbing, I thought it looked like two hands trying to crawl their way into his mouth and it was just horrible, which I guess was the goal.

It was nice to see a capable female superhero portrayed although unfortunately she was wearing a really tight costume and massive high heels to run around in, not something practical or necessary to make the film better quality. Although I have to say I did love the heels.

You would think that someone would put two and two together and realise that Bruce was Batman; Bruce Wayne comes out of hiding then shortly afterwards so does Batman, coincidence? I think not.

There was a very good bit when you knew something bad was about to happen (because it was explained and made obvious on purpose) and they had someone in the film sing beautifully and it made the atmosphere of the film and the scene really good, it was really suspenseful and then when the bad thing happened it seemed worse than it actually was because of the singer, it seemed like more of a tragedy (it was pretty tragic, but still) and I thought it was a really clever thing to do, I was really impressed with how well they did that scene.

The ending was the best bit – and I don’t mean because it was over – I mean because it was done so well, it was just amazing and the music in the background made it even better, it’s amazing how just the right song can make a scene in a film or TV programme so much more connecting and engrossing, it was a really good ending and left a lot of things that could happen next and it was just really satisfying.

I would really recommend watching this film, I’d recommend watching all of the films. If someone asks you if you want to watch Batman don’t say no, say yes! You might be pleasantly surprised, just like I was.

Quotes: These are some of my favourite quotes (or just quotes that made me laugh).

“I call it the Bat, and yes, it does come in black.” – Fox (Morgan Freeman)

“I would like to point out that there’s a non-board member here, even is his name’s above the door.”

“You’re evil” – “I’m necessary evil.” Bane

“Mr. Wayne, I’m sorry they talk all your money.” – Cat Woman “No you’re not.” Bruce Wayne

“Tell me where the trigger is! Then you have my permission to die.” – Batman. I wouldn’t say this was a favourite quote of mine but it did make me laugh in that ‘this is really depressing but I don’t know how to react’ way.

Warnings: There are some sex references throughout the film and sex is implied in one scene, there is alcohol consumed within the film, lots of violence throughout the duration of the film with several hostage situations, terrorism and anarchy. For full details on all of this please click the link http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1345836/parentalguide?ref_=tt_stry_pg

Trailer: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1345836/?ref_=nv_sr_2

Other Films In The Trilogy: Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008). 

Say Something – Song Review

Artist(s): A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera

Duration: 3mins 49secs

Genre: Indie Pop

Writer(s): Ian Axel, Chad Vaccarino, Mike Campbell

Producer: Dan Romer

Label: Epic

My Thoughts: I cannot express how much I love this song! It is so emotionally powerful that I am brought close to tears every time I hear it.

It has an easy but yet beautiful and addictive piano part and I obsessively play it on the piano.

I found out about this song only about three weeks ago and I have listened to it so many times since then, I’ve listened to it sometimes on repeat all day.

One of the things I love about this song is if are you reading or watching something sad and you just thing about the song it can make everything sadder, it should be the soundtrack to all sad things in life, it’s an absolutely phenomenal song!

If you get any spare time in the next little while listen to this song, I really hope you love it as much as I do.

Christina Aguilera’s voice is just so angelic and beautiful, you can really get lost in this song.

5/5 stars

My Favourite Part: There’s a part close to the end when everything goes like an octave louder and it’s really beautiful and powerful and then it goes quite again and I think that just adds to the emotion.

Other Information: A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera performed this song on The Voice which resulted in the song getting to No.16 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Eventually it got to No.4 and has since sold over four million copies in the United States. Other locations where it topped the charts were; Australia, Belgium and Canada. The music video was released on Novemeber 19, 2013. The song was also performed on the American Music Awards of 2013.

The Dark Knight – Film Review

Duration: 2hrs 32mins

Rating: 12A

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Release Date: July 24, 2008

Director: Christopher Nolan

Cast: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman,

Description: After defeating Scarecrow and saving Gotham (Batman Begins, 2005) Bruce Wayne goes back to juggling his life as a billionaire and saving citizens of Gotham as his alter ego – Batman, but it’s not long until Gotham is under threat by the Joker. Batman has to fight the Joker, save his friends and make some tough decisions all whilst keeping his true identity a secret.

My Thoughts: It’s only been fairly recently that I started watching The Dark Knight trilogy and to be honest it’s because I had pretty much (without watching them) decided they were rubbish, don’t ask me why. Anyway, I decided to watch them and I was pleasantly surprised, they were actually really good!

I personally think that this film wasn’t as good as Batman BeginsIt didn’t have as much action or suspense. I felt like the Joker wasn’t as evil or bad as I thought he was going to be (and that is not me disrespecting the actor.) and I felt like he should have done more evil things, he just seemed to kidnap people and then shoot a few of them and I felt like even when he was supposed to be doing something really bad it wasn’t bad enough. I think they should have made Batman have some more friends because the thing that I think makes action films best is when the hero’s friends are threatened or killed, and Batman doesn’t really have any friends.

I also felt like Two-Face was a bit pointless, he came into it at the last minute didn’t really do anything and then the film kind of ended… and it was like ‘What was the point of him?’.

I also feel like Batman is very destructive pointlessly, and I understand that sometimes destruction in films can be cool or enjoying to watch but I feel like Batman as the superhero shouldn’t just wreck things in his path to get where he’s going, like there was a scene where he pointless went through a mall and just destroyed everything in his path and there was no need for it.

All of that being said there were some really good bits and I did really enjoy it. It was; sad, funny, dark, creepy, compelling, and there were definitely some bits when you were sat on the edge of your seat wondering what was going to happen next and who was going to be okay and who wasn’t. It was a good film it just didn’t reach the standards of the first one in my opinion. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the next one.

The actors all did really well in their roles and I was particularly impressed with Heath Ledger (The Joker) he did really well playing the villain, his laugh was spot on and dead creepy and I loved how instead of having a deep creepy voice like most villains do he went for a more high-pitched one, it made the film better. And I was also impressed with Christian Bale’s performance in both the first film and this one, I thought he did really well and I was very impressed with the differences of both his characters (Batman and Bruce Wayne) I think he does really well at switching between the two.

I would rate it 4 and a half stars.

Warnings: Contains violence, detailed injury, sexual references, occasional bad language, alcohol, drugs and smoking is featured, and some scenes may be scary.

Trailer: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0468569/?ref_=nv_sr_2 the trailer and other information can be found within the link, which leads to a save official movie database.

Other Films In The Trilogy: Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

Before I Die – Book Review

Title: Before I Die

Author: Jenny Downham

Length: 346 Pages

Genre: Young adult fiction/romance

Publisher: Black Swan

Description: Tessa is a 16-year-old girl who has cancer, she’s dying. But she – like everyone else – has a lot of things she wants to do before she dies, but her time is running out. Tessa writes a list on her bedroom wall of things she wants to do, she plans on achieving them all, but as she becomes more ill she finds it harder and harder to complete everything.

My Thoughts: I’ve wanted to read this book for a really long time and luckily enough I came across it in an Oxfam charity shop and bought it for £1.99 (a bit of pointless information for you.) I decided to start reading it before I had even finished reading the book I was currently reading (The Knife Of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness). I’m not going to lie, it was depressing and sad. I was expecting it to be different to what it was to be honest, I didn’t think it was as good as it could have been, I felt like Tessa’s relationship with Adam ( her boyfriend) wasn’t real it felt fake and more like he was just being there with her because he felt sorry for her, because she was dying and I thought that was really annoying, he didn’t feel like her actually cared. Also I think some of the other characters could have been more likeable and easier to relate to.

All of that being said, it was a good book and I thought that Jenny Downham was very good at expressing how you would feel if you were dying, and I think in some ways could help you come to terms with it (if you weren’t already) especially at such a young age. The realness of it gave it feeling and emotion, and it was good because I like being able to emotionally connect with books even if it’s in a sad way.

There were good bits and I liked the fact that Tessa had a list although I think that could have been a more solid part of the story-line as that’s what I thought it was about, a dying girl who had loads of things she wanted to do and tried to achieve them all in the time she had, but it wasn’t really like that at all that was just a small part of the story.

It was quite a lot like The Fault In Our Stars by John Green but Before I Die came first so I’m not accusing it of being a copy of another book.

I would rate this book 3 and a half stars out of five.

My Favourite Part: I don’t really have a favourite part to be honest. I liked it when she was completing things off her list but it was all just one story that kind of locked together rather than having particular bits that stood out.

Warning: This book contains sex scenes that can sometimes be mildly detailed, there were a couple of uses of swearing, and obviously talks about death a lot and can be upsetting and depressing.

Other Books By The Author: You Against Me 

Other Information: Before I Die was turned into a GoldCrest Pictures film renamed Now Is Good (12A) starring Dakota Fanning (Twilight: New Moon) and Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) which appeared in cinemas on the 19 September 2012. The film was nominated for five awards and won four of them.