Where She Went – Book Review

Title: Where She Went

Author: Gayle Forman

Length: 260 pages

Genre: Romance, drama, YA Fiction, Music,

Release Date: 26 April 2012

Publisher: Totally Random Books

Description: It’s been three years since Mia and Adam where in the emergency room the day that Mia’s entire family died. Adam’s band has got insanely successful and he’s now touring, doing interviews and recording albums. Mia’s at Julliard and also on the road to success. They loved each other and then it ended, but when they meet back up again three years later they realise maybe the things that happened three years ago were all a mistake, maybe they’re not ready to be without each other just yet.

My Thoughts: I was surprised when Where She Went was from Adam’s point of view, and I really liked it to be honest, I felt like it was really unique. I know that some people do books where every chapter is from a different perspective but it still changes throughout the book and this was just from Adam’s point of view and I really liked it, it was really nice getting to know Adam a bit more, I also really love books about rock stars!

I thought Gayle Forman had come up with a really great story and the way she developed the story in Where She Went from If I Stay was really good, I liked how it was three years in the future and as the story developed you learnt what happened in the past as the book went on.

I think Mia and Adam are really great characters, Gayle Forman’s characterisation is really good, Mia and Adam are so amazing as a couple and they’re great when they’re not together (but less so). One of the things – for me – that makes a book really good, and I mean like really good is when you want the characters in the book to be your friends and I felt like that when I was reading Where She Went, I wanted these people to be my best friends, I wanted to be able to say “Mia and Adam are my best friends”, I wanted to log onto Twitter and be able to follow them, and to be able to create characters that make you feel like that is honestly a gift, Gayle Forman is a really gifted writer to be able to make you feel like that towards the characters she creates and I’m just so glad she took the time to share these characters with us!

I haven’t read very many books about people who are musical and I often think it shouldn’t work because you can’t make someone imagine music by using words and it’s much better to have a film about people that are musicians rather than books because it’s just easier to imagine, in fact someone I know was surprised when they found out that the film Pitch Perfect was based on a book because she didn’t understand how you could write a book about music and I sort of see what she meant but Where She Went really worked, every chapter started with the lyrics off Shooting Star’s (Adam’s band) new album and it was really clever because it made you understand the psychology of Adam’s character a little more and the lyrics were so good, they were amazing and every time I read the lyrics I wanted to look the album up online and listen to it because it was so amazing and so emotional and I just don’t know how Gayle Forman has done it, created a book so emotional and so good and done all of the most impressive things in writing fiction and done them phenomenally well!

When I started reading If I Stay (You can read my review here) and found out there was a sequel, I though “There’s no way that there can be a sequel that will actually be good, it just won’t work – not with the storyline of this book.” and the sequel was just as good, maybe even better! I was so impressed with it! And I feel like it would still make sense if you read it without reading If I Stay which was good.

If you’ve read If I Stay or watched the film I would really suggest reading this book because it’s so great, and if you’ve missed Mia and Adam then this is definitely a way to make you not miss them anymore because it’s really amazing! I didn’t even realise how much I liked the book until I started properly thinking about it whilst writing this review…

5/5 stars

If you’ve read this book and would like to agree or disagree with what I’ve said then please feel free to leave a comment, I would love to read them!

If you’ve read If I Stay then please feel free to leave your comments on the book here.

If you’ve got your own review of Where She Went on your own blog then please feel free to leave a link to the post and I’ll make sure to read it (and if you’ve got your own review of If I Stay then go over to my review and post a link to your review there).

And if you haven’t read Where She Went but you’re planning to then remember this review and come back and leave your comment then.

Other Books In Series: If I Stay (Book one).

Other Books By The Author: You Can’t Get There From Here, Sisters In Sanity, Just One Year, Just One Day, I Was Here.

Author’s Website: http://gayleforman.com/


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