Sorry For My Absense

This is just a short post apologising for the fact that I haven’t posted anything recently.

Let me explain…

So at the end of December I decided to start scheduling my reviews so you would hopefully have a review every day and that worked for about a month but then it got to the point where I was staying up until about 11PM watching a film and then reviewing for you guys and 11PM is quite late to be up reading reviews anyway so I probably wasn’t getting as many views as I would usually get anyway, then I decided that it was stupid to be staying up really late exhausting myself just so that I could publish a review no one was going to read until the next morning, so I took a break from my blog for a bit just to distress a little bit and focus on other things but now I’m back and I’m going to review/schedule loads of posts for you but from now on I’m only going to post one review on Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s. So you’ll always get a review on weekends and that means that I have a whole week to watch and read stuff and maybe even go to some events and then I can get all those reviews written up in time for the weekend, and that way you’re still getting lots of reviews and I’m not getting stressed out and staying up late.

As usual the plan for my blog could change very soon, for instance I might start separating my reviews a bit more so you would get one on… Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday for example (not saying that will happen but it’s a possibility), at the moment my schedule is constantly changing so that means that my blog will have to constantly change with it but I am trying to make it all work.

Thank you to all my readers and followers who read my reviews and like and comment on them it really makes me happy when you do and just keep doing that!

Also, if any of you would like me to read a particular post or review you’ve written or check out your blog please leave a link in the comments below and I’ll be more than happy to check them out!

Lastly, if any of you would like to suggest some things that I could maybe read or watch and then review then leave those down in the comments below too!

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