Anna Dressed In Blood – Book Review

Title: Anna Dressed In Blood

Author: Kendare Blake

Length: 368

Release Date: 5 July 2012

Genre: Fiction, YA, romance, supernatural,

Publisher: Orchard Books

Description: Cas has been hunting dead people – ghosts – since his father died when he was a child. He’s never lived in the same place for very long and he doesn’t really have any stability in his life. Cas’ newest home is in Thunder Bay and the reason behind him moving is that there is a girl who is killing anyone and everyone if they set foot on her territory, her name is Anna – and she’s dressed in blood – and she died over sixty years ago but still has yet to complete her task of revenge.

My Thoughts: I’ve wanted to read Anna Dressed In Blood probably since it came out in 2012, which, as scary as it is was four years ago now. So I’ve wanted to read this book for four years, and the reason I never did was because I couldn’t access it. But one day last month I was in a charity shop and it was only £1.29 so I bought it because I thought it was a bargain, especially given that I’ve wanted to read it for so long.

Anyway, although it says on the back of the book (or my version anyway,) that it’s not for younger readers I don’t really know why it says this because there isn’t a lot of content in it that isn’t particularly suitable, although mind you I’ve been reading YA books since I was about nine. I personally think this book is suitable for ages 11+.

I really liked all of the characters, they were all so likeable (or not likeable), basically you felt what you were supposed to feel. There were some characters that I liked more than others but lots of the characters seemed nice and relatable.

I thought the story was kind of slow and never really did get going, I got idea from the blurb on the back of the book that it was supposed to be a love story of sorts in which Cas fell in love with Anna but it didn’t really ever properly happen and Cas didn’t hugely ever discuss his feelings about her, it was kind of like in Buffy The Vampire Slayer when Buffy loves Angel but she knows that it can never work and she tries to pretend she doesn’t have feelings for him and she knows that given she’s the vampire slayer, she should probably kill him at some point and just can’t bring herself to do it (Sorry if you’re currently watching Buffy and I’ve just ruined it for you but it was pretty obvious!). So yeah, it was a bit like that and it was kind of annoying because it wasn’t done as it’s done in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

I think this book was pretty decent for a 11+ reader but at the age I am now I kind of think it was probably a bit young for me and therefore I enjoyed it less and maybe if I’d read it four years ago when I really wanted to then I would have enjoyed it, I know people my age that did read it four years ago and enjoyed so it’s either,

  • My age
  • My experience with books

and I don’t know which one it is and it might be a mixture of both but it just wasn’t for me.

2 and a half stars/5.

Other Books In The Series: Girl Of Nightmares (sequel).

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