Sherlock: The Abominable Bride – Episode Review

Duration: 1 hr 29 mins

Rating: 15

Release Date: 1 January 2016

Genre: Crime, drama, mystery,

Season: Christmas/New year’s day special.

Episode Number: Christmas/New year’s day special.

Director: Douglas Mackinnon

Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs, Rupert Graves, Mark Gatiss, Andrew Scott…

Description: Going back in time to the 1890’s, Sherlock and Dr. Watson try to solve the case of the abominable bride, a woman who shot herself in the head after murdering several civilians but then hours later turned up to her husband’s location and shot him in the head too, the only thing was she was supposed to be dead…

My Thoughts: I -as have loads of people, I imagine – been looking forward to this episode of Sherlock for quite some time, and not necessarily because I like it but because it’s something that my whole family like and unfortunately, I somehow manage to get drawn in and then I just cannot stop watching!

Anyway, here’s my thoughts on Sherlock: The Abominable Bride.

The first thing that was note-worthy or of any significance was that I learnt a very important lesson, and this lesson happened pretty early on and luckily for you I’m going to share that important lesson with you! Here is that lesson:

Five pumpkin seeds = death.

And I really think that is a lesson for life, honestly, you should take it seriously. And after learning this incredibly valuable lesson I’ve realised they never explained why five pumpkin seeds = death. So, I’ll never know what kind of death to expect if I ever encounter those terrifying five seeds.

I have to admit although being previously excited about the Christmas/new year’s special episode of Sherlock once I found out it was supposed to be set in the past *instant eye roll* I thought it was going to be really frustrating and annoying and I thought that if they had made the decision to try and set this Sherlock series in the present then they couldn’t change their minds and then set it in the past but as always I found myself drawn in and engrossed in the story, the mystery straight from the very start.

There were a few scenes when it was verging on being a lot like The Woman In Black and also a few scenes when it really reminded me of Harry Potter particularly the last one – The Deathly Hallows – maybe someone had been having a Daniel Radcliffe marathon whilst writing the screenplay for this episode…

There were a few truly ridiculous scenes such as random floating bits of paper, for no explained reason. And there was also a scene in which the abominable bride lifted up her arms in front of Dr. Watson and he ran away like it was the scariest thing he had ever seen, which was kind of stupid.

There were some moments that were quite funny and made me laugh, I’ll give it that.

I hate how long Sherlock episodes last, and I know quite a lot of British programmes last that long or at least mystery/crime British programmes but I just think it’s kind of annoying, because it drags on for so long and there’s not really enough content to actually keep it interesting the whole way through.

There was the worst fight scene I have ever seen, and by worst fight scene I mean most ridiculous, comedic and badly filmed.

At a couple of times in the episode it went back to the present day and made the whole being-in-the-past thing make a bit more sense and it was kind of annoying but at the same time kind of clever.

By the end of the episode it became beyond ridiculous, cheesy and comedic. The episode was just as frustrating as I thought it was going to be.

3/5 stars.

If you have watched Sherlock: The Abominable Bride and would like to share your thoughts on this episode please feel free to leave a comment (feel free to disagree!) or if you have your own review please post a link. If you haven’t yet seen the episode but you’re going to, then make sure to come back here and share your thoughts afterwards!

Warnings: violence, alcohol consumption, drug use, some scenes may be upsetting or scary to younger audiences. Unfortunately IMDb do not have a parents guide for this episode. But the show has been rated a 15 as previously mentioned earlier on in this review (although personally I’m not really sure why, because the content wasn’t that bad.)

Trailer: To see a trailer and read more information on the episode and cast click the link:

Other Information: The Sherlock series was inspired by the books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. You can find out more information here:

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