Breakfast At Tiffany’s – Film Review

Duration: 1 hr 55 mins

Rating: PG

Release Date: November 4 1961

Genre: Comedy, drama, romance,

Director: Blake Edwards

Cast: Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard, Patricia Neal, Buddy Ebsen, Martin Balsam…

Description: Holly Golightly has a new neighbour in her apartment building, a man that she ends up falling in love with – but can they find a way of being together?

My Thoughts: Now, I know that this is a much loved film and everyone, everywhere loves it or at least a lot of people love it and I don’t want to insult it or be mean so I am going to try my hardest but this isn’t going to be a positive review.

Firstly, the opening credits were too long, it took about ten minutes before there was any actual speech and the visual things that you could see in the background were completely pointless and random.

It didn’t make a lot of sense, I never understood what was going on not that there was a lot to understand as basically nothing was ever going on.

It could be really creepy in places, for example: There was a scene in which Holly (Audrey Hepburn) broke into her neighbour’s house and spoke with him for awhile and then proceeded to get into bed with him; a man she had only briefly spoken to earlier on in the film and the man (George Peppard) just accepted this and let her sleep in his bed after waking him up in the middle of the night.

This was another film with a complete lack of characters, and not only were there hardly any of characters none of the characters were meaningful not even the main characters, none of them really did anything meaningful or said anything meaningful they were all just pointless. And Holly annoyingly called Paul (George Peppard) Fred because he looked a bit like her brother even though she had a romantic interest in him, it was really bizarre! There was a really cute cat and it makes me sad to say it was actually the most interesting character; I actually cared about what happened to the cat, not so much it’s human co-stars.

The reason I watched this film is because it’s an old classic, and that’s why I didn’t want to say bad things about it but it really didn’t have anything going for it, I don’t know why it’s so successful!

I found Breakfast At Tiffany’s really boring, the story-line was really weak, none of the scenes made sense together, all of the dialogue was completely meaningless, I didn’t feel like the characters ever did anything, I felt like Tiffany’s itself wasn’t really a feature in the film so it didn’t feel worthy of the title it had, it was just bad. And Holly always had her hair in some stupid bug shell shape and wore earrings double the size of her ears, and it really annoyed me.

It’s also really unrealistic, but not only was it unrealistic it was really predictable.

They played Moon River too many times.

I also feel like Holly wasn’t a very likeable character, she was irrational, mean, and she couldn’t control her emotional behaviour. She was just a really bad character and I disliked her the whole way through.

I spent the whole film being confused, angry, frustrated, annoyed, bored, fed up with hearing that song and I think it was honestly one of the most awful films I’ve ever had to sit through.

1/5 stars.

Please comment below on any thoughts that you have of the film, and if you’ve reviewed it put a link to your review in the comments section – I would love to hear what other people thought of the film when they watched it!

Warnings: Alcohol consumption, violence and neglect towards a cat, some scenes involve kissing. For full details click the link to the IMDb parental guide:

 Trailer: To see a trailer and read more information on the film and cast click the link:

Other Information: Breakfast At Tiffany’s was originally a book written by Truman Capote.

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