That Awkward Moment – Film Review

Duration: 1 hr 34 mins

Rating: 15

Release Date: January 29 2014

Genre: Comedy, romance

Director: Tom Gormican

Cast: Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Imogen Poots, Mackenzie Davis, Jessica Lucas…

Description: Three best friends; Jason, Daniel and Mickey decide to make an agreement that they will stay single. This pact is started when one of them gets a divorce and so they decide to have fun without the commitment of any relationships. But that was before they knew they were all going to fall in love.

My Thoughts: I was laughing from the first minute of this film but at the start it did seem like it was just going to be a rubbishy cheesy comedy film, but after awhile once the story started to develop a bit I realised that there was a much deeper meaning and storyline happening within the film. One of the things that made it funny was it really was awkward, there were properly awkward moments and it was great! I have to say I give huge credit to the actors for being able to act without just laughing their heads off, because some of the stuff was just truly ridiculous and not only that sometimes they had to be serious at the most awkward of times and I was really impressed with how well they pulled it off.

I liked the relationship and chemistry between the characters, I thought it worked really well and specifically the way Zac Efron’s character and Miles Teller’s actor were constantly repeating each other’s questions but phrasing it in a slightly different way so it wasn’t as obvious that they were copying each other but it was still really funny. I thought it was really nice the relationship the three of them had in the film as well, it was kind of joking around all the time but could just take any random thing in their stride without thinking it was completely weird. And they could also be serious as well which was good.

Also you’ll be pleased to know due to my recent moaning that this film actually had enough characters in it! It had enough that it didn’t get dull and you knew who the main characters were but not too many to overwhelm you and I liked that, I also liked how the film wasn’t all about them being together it showed you their own little bits of life without each other, like the everyday kind of stuff.

That Awkward Moment as I have said had a much deeper meaning than just being a cheesy comedy, or I felt it did at least. I felt it had a really strong message about relationships, not only romantic ones but friendship ones as well. And I think it really showed you that there’s a limit to how you can behave and although you think that your friend will always be there for you – which they will – there are some boundaries, and if you cross those boundaries then you can’t expect  people to forgive you, and that goes for relationships as well. I don’t know I just feel like it was sending a really strong message about how to treat and not treat people.

One of the most important and one of the best things about this film was that the ending wasn’t dull or rubbish or cheesy the ending was really satisfying and I really liked it, I felt like there was nothing I left questioning or nothing more that I wished had happened it had the perfect ending that really sealed the film together as a whole.

That Awkward Moment was really good and I really liked it, it could be really funny at times but it could also be really serious and most importantly it could be awkward!

I would rate this film 4/5 stars!

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Warnings: alcohol consumption, swearing, sexual scenes… For full details click on the link to the IMDb parents guide: 

Trailer: To see a trailer and read more information about the film and cast click the link:

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