6 Years – Film Review

Duration: 1 hr 20 mins

Rating: G

Release Date (UK): 8 September 2015 

Genre: Romance, drama,

Director: Hannah Fidell

Cast: Taissa Farmiga, Ben Rosenfield, Lindsay Burdge, Joshua Leonard. . .

Description: Young couple Mel and Dan have been together for six years, as they near graduation their lives start to change, opportunities start to arise and the couple’s relationship starts to fall apart.

My Thoughts: I didn’t really know what to expect from this film as the description on Netflix was rather uninformative but I thought I would watch it anyway, the starting credits lasted for quite a long time with no dialogue which I found to be quite dull and not very interesting.

The way it was filmed was kind of weird and out of sequence, like you would hear the people talking whilst seeing them walk over to greet the person they were talking to and it was a bit confusing and slightly annoying, there was quite a lot of slow motion shots meant for dramatic effect but I just found them really annoying, I hate things done in slow motion.

The characters were all really annoying and unlikeable and none of them felt real, they all felt completely fake and unrealistic like you would never find anybody that behaved like that. And the people weren’t normal, they just didn’t behave like normal rational people, I actually think Mel was really seriously mentally ill and she needed serious help, she just completely behaved irrationally and she was just such an unstable character and her relationship with Dan was her entire life, she was completely obsessed with him, she never really did anything that wasn’t with him, she wanted to be with him all the time but instead of them actually doing anything together they just seemed to pointlessly hang out in one of their tiny bedrooms and do nothing and talk about nothing of relevance but Dan consumed Mel’s entire life and it just wasn’t healthy. It wasn’t a portrayal of a healthy relationship at all and it was abusive and they didn’t address the issue, they still wanted to play happy couples even after everything that had happened in the film and it was just so ridiculous, like why can no film ever portray what would actually happen in real life? I think it’s really unhealthy to have people watch things like this and think it’s normal, because then if they go on to have an unhealthy relationship they’re going to think it’s normal behaviour and it’s not.

I feel like 6 Years should have been trying to give us an important life lesson not to be in an unhealthy, unstable, abusive, obsessive relationship but it wasn’t it seemed to be telling us that this is the kind of relationship we should dream of and it was just so ridiculous.

The film as a whole was really dull, nothing of importance happened, nothing that was noteworthy happened, none of the characters were likeable, everything was really predictable. I kind of feel like I wasted an hour and twenty minutes of my life and the sad thing is I thought the film looked good, and I really, really wanted to like it but I just couldn’t. Do you ever get that feeling?

I would rate this film 1 and a half starts and I would watch it with a friend but I would never re-watch it by myself. As always, if you really want to watch this film then watch it, maybe you’ll like it, maybe you’ll even love it, it just wasn’t for me. But don’t let me put you off it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone is entitled to try new things, so maybe you might want to watch it because of my review, because your intrigued and what to form you own opinion which is also completely fine, do what you want to do with your life!

Please feel free to comment and tell me what you thought of the film or send me a link to your review of it, I love hearing other people’s opinions and I will not be offended if they are different from mine, as I hope you will not be offended by mine.

Warnings: Smoking, alcohol consumption, sexual scenes, and swearing feature in this film. For full details click the link to the IMDb Parents Guide: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3799372/parentalguide?ref_=tt_stry_pg

Trailer: To watch a trailer and to read more information on the film click the following link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3799372/?ref_=nv_sr_1



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