The Quiet Ones – Film Review

Duration: 1 hour 38 mins,

Rating: 15

Release Date: 10 April 2014

Genre: Horror

Director: John Pogue

Cast: Jared Harris, Sam Claflin, Erin Richards, Rory Fleck-Byrne, Olivia Cooke…

Description: A University Professor and his students conduct an experiment on a girl who can contact a ghost. They get all the strange happenings on tape, but how do they explain everything that happens?

My Thoughts: I haven’t seen very many horror movies if I’m being honest, about two… neither of them scared me or even bothered me. One of the main reasons I haven’t seen very many horror movies is because no one will ever watch them with me, now I don’t need people to watch them with me because I’m scared or anything, I just think it’s a bit sad to watch a horror movie on your own. Anyway, so I watched this one and it wasn’t all that different from any other horror movie I’d seen.

The thing I find really funny and strange when you go to watch a horror movie is because you know you’re watching a horror movie you’re always quite jumpy at the start of the film, and things that aren’t scary in any other film make you jump in this film, like a door opening (please tell me I’m not the only one that experiences this?!).

I’ve seen Sam Claflin in three other films (Catching Fire, Mockingjay, Love, Rosie,) and I thought he was really good in all of them, he was partially the reason I wanted to watch this, I like watching actor’s act in different genres, because I find it interesting, I hate it when an actor basically only ever acts in the same genre and basically has the exact same character in everything, okay anyway. Sam was really good in this, I think he really built up the tension, and if there was ever a moment when I was slightly on edge and thought something scary was going to happen it was because of him, his movements and body language was really good.

I also thought Olivia Cooke was good, although I haven’t seen her in anything else, she did a really good job. Her character was so believable and I thought she did it really well.

The rest of the characters I didn’t feel had many characteristics and I didn’t really feel like I knew who they were or what the point of them was other than Jared Harris’ character, but still I didn’t feel he had any personality that I could comment on.

I’ve wanted to watch this film ever since it came out in cinemas and I just never got around to it, one of the DVD’s I own has a trailer for it and I thought it looked amazing, I hate to say I was very disappointed. The film had nothing going for it at all, the storyline was bland and dull and wasn’t properly explained, I never really felt like I knew what was going on.

I feel like the film was really badly lit and although I know that horror films need to be kind of dark and have a creepy atmosphere it’s no good if you can never see what’s happening on the screen, it’s just stupid.

It started off okay, other than not being very interesting, but by the end of it, it was verging on completely ridiculous, the film is allegedly based on an actual experiment called The Philip Experiment and so I thought, well you know, no matter how ridiculous I find this film it’s all true, but after the end of the film I was so confused and the film had been so ridiculous that I didn’t believe any of it, there’s no way all that stupid, cheesy stuff that had obviously just been thrown in for dramatic horror effect had actually happened, so I liked it up and it turned out that no, it didn’t in fact happen, yes there was an experiment called The Philip Experiment but almost nothing that happened in the film actually happened in the real experiment it didn’t even follow the same research or anything, it was basically completely factually incorrect. And therefore all the stupid things that I knew couldn’t happen in real life didn’t happen and it was all really dumb.

I personally don’t like horror films, although I wish I did which is why I still try to watch them even though I know I’m going to find them ridiculous, if you like horror films then this could be your kind of thing, and maybe you’ll like it. Like I said the acting is good quality, and if you’re having friends over or something and you want something that might mildly scare you then this might actually be a good film but if you properly want a really scary film I wouldn’t suggest watching this. The reason why me and horror films don’t get on is because, at all the parts where the audience would usually scream, jump or get frightened I just laugh, because it’s so funny, like sometimes horror films can even be funnier than comedies. I guess if you hate horror films and gag at their cheesiness then you could watch this film as well. Not that you should gag at the cheesiness because that’s a slight step too far. The other disappointing thing is, I feel like it could have been a good film and it just wasn’t, also the ending made absolutely no sense and made you question literally everything that had happened in the film and it was just annoying. All the horror films I’ve seen end like that.

I would rate this 2 stars unfortunately. By if you, like me, saw a trailer and really wanted to watch it and thought it looked amazing go for it! I don’t want you to not watch it because of something I’ve said, I’m just voicing my opinion, I am not speaking for society as a whole, it could really be your kind of thing. And if you do or have watched it please comment on this post and tell me what you thought, or send me a link to your own review, I don’t mind if you disagree with me I’m just interested to hear your thoughts, no matter what they are. I’m not saying I wouldn’t watch it again if a friend wanted me to but I wouldn’t watch it again on my own, I wouldn’t watch it again without reason. I’m just saying it wasn’t my kind of thing.

Warnings: I don’t really know what to put here without including spoilers, but it’s a horror movie so people could find it upsetting or disturbing. Includes one swear word. And some sexual acts. For full details click the link:

Trailer: To see a trailer and read more information about the film click the link:

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