Made For You – Book Review

Title: Made For You

Author: Melissa Marr

Length: 356 pages

Genre: YA Fiction, Thriller, Mystery,

Publisher: Harper Collins

Release Date: 2014

Description: Eva Tilling is your normal high school student, until she gets hit by a car. She wakes up in Hospital and the police inform her they’re not sure what happened was an accident. Eva can’t imagine who in the small town of Jessup would want to hurt her, but soon the driver starts killing off Eva’s friends and leaving messages for her in their skin. Eva soon discovers that after her accident when she touches people she see’s visions of their deaths. Can Eva discover who the murderer is with her new found power?

My Thoughts: I recently went into the library to return some books and I felt so good about myself because I was returning some books (And I have loads!) but of course you can never go into the library without getting more books out, I decided to go for some YA Fiction books and got out about ten. Made For You was the first one I read.

When I started reading it I thought it was quite good but as it went on I didn’t really feel that attached to anything that was going on in the story. I didn’t feel like we knew enough about the characters and I didn’t really care about them, and I wish I did because obviously they were being murdered but even when Eva got sad I didn’t, I didn’t feel like emotion was written into the story very well.

It wasn’t like a normal thriller either because you found out who the murderer was before the end of the book and then the story kind of stopped being interesting because the whole point of thrillers is you don’t know who’s doing the killing and you don’t know who they’re going to kill next but once you did it was kind of like ‘Okay, the story kind of needs to end now.’ but it didn’t.

I felt like the book needed to be longer because it wasn’t long enough to A) make you care about the characters and B) properly get the story going.

I thought Eva’s power was what was going to make this more unique than other YA Thrillers but it didn’t because the power was never explained and there wasn’t enough detail about the power and it was kind of a pointless aspect that could have worked but it didn’t.

It was good for just a casual read and it might be your sort of thing it just wasn’t mine. I think it was a unique story, that had an idea I’d never read before and it had the potential to be much better than it was.

2 and a half stars/5

Important Notice: All the things I say in my reviews are my own thoughts, no one else has told me to publish them and I understand that my opinion may be different from others, so if you like this book (it could be your favorite book in the world!) that’s fine, it’s more than fine, it’s great! Please feel free to disagree with me and I fully accept that some people might love this book it’s just not for me.

Warning: This book contains alcohol consumption, acts of violence, and a few scenes of kissing.

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