Kingsman: The Secret Service – Film Review

Duration: 2hrs 9mins

Rating: 15

Release Date: 29 January 2015 (UK)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Director: Matthew Vaughn

Cast: Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine, Sofia Boutella, Sophie Cookson…

Description: Eggsy is an ordinary street kid with family issues until Harry Hart recruits him to participate in the Kingsman training program to become a spy. To become a member of Kingsman, Eggsy has to compete against a group of other young adults who have had a much brighter past than he has. The group have to take part in a number of different assignments to prove their loyalty and abilities to Kingsman. Meanwhile a man designs free SIM cards to turn the human race against each other in the hopes that ultimately he is saving the world.

My Thoughts: I have a huge list of tiny scenes that I disliked and liked but before I go into more detail I’m going to talk about the film as a whole.

To be honest I had to pause it and get the people I was watching the film with to explain what was going on because I had no idea what was going on, probably because I was spending so much time writing notes.

Anyway… the main storyline was about a guy that we were supposed to see as evil who had designed SIM cards which were going to make the human race turn against each other and that was hopefully going to kill off enough people that humans were not going to be destroying the planet in quite the same way any more. Now I obviously don’t think killing off loads of the population is the way to go but I was quite impressed that a film of that genre would tackle such a serious and important issue in the modern day, obviously it had a comedic and action-packed twist on it but if you took of all the layers the serious stuff was still there, and I always love a film that tackles with the real issues of the world whilst also providing an entertaining film.

Now it’s time to go into more detail!

I haven’t seen very many comedies, especially not the cheesy kind and I wasn’t sure whether I would find the cheesiness of this film too much and feel like they should have just made it a serious action film … surprisingly I thought it worked quite well, they merged serious and comedy quite well together.

This film isn’t a good film for anyone with a fear of heights or water (I’m afraid of both) there were two disturbing scenes within the film; one which involved Eggsy being woken up in the middle of the night because he’s bedroom was going under water and then having to try and find a way to escape without drowning. Another scene in which they had to jump from a plane and one of the people that jumped discovered they had no parachute whilst airborne. Both these scenes I found quite distressing whilst watching them.

If you love puppies then there’s a great surprise waiting for you in this film in the form of cute puppies! (Well, it’s not a surprise anymore… sorry!) but don’t let the idea of cute puppies fool you because as well as that there is also an upsetting scene (which made me cover my eyes) in which Eggsy has to shoot a dog.

It was in some places cringy but I liked it and overall I think it was a good film even if there were a few scenes I disapproved of (such as the scene in which a captured young woman offers Eggsy sex if he lets her out and then you see the actresses bare bum which was completely pointless and irrelevant and just something they added in to be sexist).

Although this is rated a 15 it’s a really good family film for people with older aged family members wanting to sit down together. Or if you’re just wanting to have a laugh at the end of a bad day.

I found the ending very satisfying (after you got past the stupid bare bum scene) and it seemed to end the film perfectly and kind of left you not needing to wonder what happened next. It was just like it ended and you could be at peace with it.

4 and a half stars/5!

Quotes: Warning there is some swearing in the quotes below. 

“No one’s going to die,” – Roxy “Shame…” Eggsy

“You shot your dog and got him fucking stuffed?! You fucking freak!” – Eggsy

“That’s what happens when you shoot someone in the head, it feels good right?” – ? “No, it does not, it feels fucking awful!” – Valentine

Warnings: There are sex references and one nude scene (mentioned above). There is an abusive father figure in the film, there is a scene in which a mother tries to murder her child, a scene in a church which results in many people being murdered horribly. Alcohol is consumed within the film and quite a few scenes happen in a pub. Many uses of the F word and a couple of uses of other bad language. For full details click the link:

Trailer: To see a trailer and read other information including a full cast list click the link:

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