The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Book Review

Title: Allegiant

Author: Veronica Roth

Length: 526 pages

Genre: Dystopian Fiction, YA fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction,

Publisher: Harper Collins

Release Date: 2013

Description: Without the factions Tris and Four don’t know what to expect their future to look like… Is the violence finally over? Can they stop carrying guns and being prepared to fight 24/7? They decide to explore beyond the fence that’s kept them and the factions in captivity their whole lives, but little do they know that more dark horrors await them. Are they ready to learn the truth about the world they’ve never understood?

My Thoughts: In March I went to see Insurgent in cinemas, – I’ll review that as soon as I can – after the credits rolled one of the first thoughts I had was I have to find out what happens next, I have to. So I went home and I reserved Allegiant in the library and it’s taken this long to get it because so many people had reserved it to find out what happened next. It’s not possibly to watch Insurgent and not be desperate to find out what happened next and I’m quite an impatient person and I couldn’t wait a year until the next film came out so why not read it? So that’s what I did.

When I first got this book I noticed that it was slightly different to the rest in the fact that Veronica Roth writes from both Tris and Tobias’ perspective. My first thought was that it would be really annoying and that if she hadn’t done it before, why start now? But after actually starting to read it I realised it actually worked quite well, I think Tobias/Four is a very complicated, secret character, who has learnt to hide his emotions because he’s Dauntless and he’s supposed to be superior to the other factions he’s supposed to be strong and kind of like a warrior/soldier so he can’t let his emotions control him. When he’s with Tris he can be himself you get to see part of who he really is inside, but I still felt like we never got to understand Tobias enough – not until this book. Being able to see things from Tobias’ perspective and getting an insight into his thoughts and how he processes and handles things and how he controls his emotions made you like Tobias more as a character (although personally I already thought Tobias was a great character). I sometimes even found myself wishing that all the chapters were from Tobias’ point of view but I do also love Tris don’t get me wrong I just wish that she wasn’t as cold as she is. I think she’s a great female character though, capable of saving herself and making her own decisions without having to run to a male character for protection and I think in some ways Tris is a better character than Katniss in The Hunger Games I like the fact that she loves one guy and that’s it, but Katniss is in a stupid love triangle and I don’t really like those. Tris is more loyal I think, she never has second thoughts or doubts about whether Tobias is right for her and Katniss does. I think Tris and Tobias are a better couple than Katniss and Peeta because I feel like Katniss and Peeta’s relationship is a bit fake but Tris and Tobias’ relationship is just like destiny. Anyway, I’m reviewing Allegiant not The Hunger Games. 

Allegiant didn’t have as much going on as Divergent and Insurgent did, there wasn’t enough action and not enough moments when you really didn’t know what was going to happen next, but closer to the end of the book there was quite a bit of action and drama and there were some moments that really shocked me hard and I just sat there like Oh, my god is this actually happening?! This can’t be happening right now! To be honest though I really don’t know how they plan to make Allegiant into two films. I think the first film will be really bad but then the second will come out in 2017 and everyone will just be blown away and be sat there in shock unable to move.

One of the things I thought when I started to read this book was I really hope there’s not an epilogue set years in the future to show how happy and amazing the world is now and how they’ve all just magically got over their traumatic lives and behave like it never happened! But guess what?! There was a stupid epilogue set years in the future! And I was really disappointed because these books were so good and I really didn’t think Veronica needed to end her book like this and it should have just ended, it would have had a much bigger impact on the audience – I understand why she did it and I understand why some people would be glad that they knew the future of the characters because I know lots of people (me included) just can’t get over books and I don’t know about other people, but I read books and I don’t feel like I’m reading a book I feel like I’m living another life and that all the people within the book are my friends and when a book or series ends it’s like my friends just stop existing and I will never know anything else about their lives; I’ll never know if they had children or got married or any of that so I can understand why people like to have the years later epilogue but I think sometimes it can ruin the end of a book – this book had the opportunity to end and just leave you sitting there just like ………….. what do I do with my life now? I don’t know if I can get over this ………… but it didn’t and I found that really disappointing.

I think Veronica is an incredible author and she’s got really good ideas and she creates great characters and relationships and she’s created an amazing series and I think she’s particularly good at keeping you hooked because you trust her you know? Even though the first half wasn’t as action-packed and dramatic as the first two books I kept reading because I trusted her as an author and knew that something big would be coming next and I just had to know what happened.

In some ways I wish that Veronica wasn’t a great author, I wish that I hadn’t been desperate to read the last book in the trilogy and in some ways I wish I had never picked up the book in the first place because I don’t want the series to be over I want it to go on forever I want to get to know more about the characters but most of all I wish Veronica hadn’t broken my heart… But she did, and that’s something I can never forgive her for but I’m grateful that she wrote an amazing trilogy of books and created an amazing couple who will surely end up part of fictional history!

I hope that this review has left you curious and you too will be compelled to read it and I really think you should, for whatever reason; whether it’s because you can’t get enough of how cute Tris and Tobias are together, whether it’s because you need to know what happens next, or maybe you want to know what lives outside the fence? Pick up this book and read it word to word until the very last page and if you’ve reviewed it make sure you comment with a link to your review! I’d be very happy to read what you thought of Allegiant! I know I’ve criticised it but it really is a great book!

5/5 stars

Warning: This book contains violent, sexual and very upsetting scenes.

Other Book In The Series: Divergent (Book 1) Insurgent (Book 2) Four: A Divergent Collection. To view all of Veronica’s Divergent books and where to purchase them click the link

 Other Information: Divergent was turned into a film by Eone, directed by Neil Burger and starred Shailene Woodley (The Fault In Our Stars) as Beatrice Prior and Theo James (The Inbetweeners Movie) as Tobias ‘Four’ Eaton this film was rated a 12A and came out April 4 2014. Insurgent was turned into a film by Eone, directed by Robert Schwentke, the film was rated a 12A and was released March 19 2015. Allegiant’s is being turned into a two-part film which is being directed by Insurgent director Robert Schwentke. Part-one is being released in cinemas in 2016 and part-two the following year.

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