One Day – Film Review

Duration: 1hr 47mins

Rating: 12A

Release Date: 24 August 2011

Genre: Drama, Romance

Director: Lone Scherfig

Cast: Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess, Tom Mison, Jodie Whittaker, Rafe Spall

Description: After college graduation Emma and Dex form a unbreakable friendship and they are shown on the same day as their college graduation every year so you can see how much their lives change and don’t change from year to year.

My Thoughts: I failed in my plan to read the book before I watched the film but that could be because I found the film in a shop for only 40p! And I thought it was an absolute bargain so I bought it and then of course had to watch it!

The start of the film had some weird blue filter put on it for the effect of it being night-time and a bit drizzly but it just looked like someone had put a blue filter on it and it didn’t look good, so not a great start to the film, anyway…

I have always wanted to have a really close relationship with a guy, just as friend’s and I like films or books that have friendships between boys and girls because it’s too often just a love element rather than a friendship element and I feel like because we don’t have enough things about friendships between a boy and a girl people think that they can’t be friends with boys if they’re girls and they can only see them as a love interest and that’s not true. So I liked that they had an unbreakable bond although obviously because it’s TV they end up together and that was obvious from the start, but that’s not all the films about them being friend’s and then ending up together, no, it’s about so much more than that! I will go into more detail now.

Although I enjoyed the film when I watch films I Iike to be able to look away and do a couple of other things whilst watching the film but with One Day I felt like that wasn’t easy because if you looked away you wouldn’t know what year it was supposed to be and that was frustrating and I was constantly having to rewind it to find out if the year had changed.

I thought Anne and Jim worked really well together and I thought they both performed excellently in their roles, they were funny but serious when they needed to be; charming but horrible when they needed to be.

It showed me that you should always, always be considerate of others because even if you’re at a good part in your life doesn’t mean that everyone’s going through a good part in their life and you can make a real difference if you’re their for them when they need you instead of being so caught up in you’re brilliant life to care about their problems. And vice versa if you’re going through a bad time in life doesn’t mean they are so don’t be horrible to them and make their life miserable just because you’re life is at the moment.

Although I said I didn’t like how you couldn’t look away in case the year changed (and I don’t) I liked how it was based on the same day every year because it showed me that things constantly change and sometimes it’s for the better and sometimes it’s for the worst but ultimately life is amazing and will always get better. And what we have to do is cherish the great moments and try as hard as we can to get past the bad one’s because you never know what to expect out of life.

It was funny, romantic, sad, awkward and heart-breaking. An uplifting and empowering film about friendship, making it through bad times and growing up.

4 and a half stars/5


“We all like to laugh, I know I used to.” – Emma

“It’s a yin-yang” – Dexter “It looks like a road sign,” – Emma

“I love you Dexter, so much! I just don’t like you anymore.” – Emma

“Sometimes I think the only way I’m going to see my name in lights is if I change it to emergency exit.” – Ian

“It’s not quite what I was expecting…” Dexter “The future never is that’s what makes it so bloody exiting!”

You make her happy, so happy! And I’ll always be grateful to you for that.” – Ian

“I’m not answering that, you know who you are.”

Warnings: Sex references, swearing, alcohol consumption, some scenes may upset or offend. For full details on the content of this film click the link:

Trailer: To see a trailer and more details on the film click the link:

Other Information: One Day was adapted from a book by David Nichols. It was nominated for three awards but didn’t win them. It was Anne Hathaway’s 22nd role.

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